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Gun Policy News, 23 July 2004


23 July 2004

Age (Melbourne)

The discovery of an underground weapons factory in Melbourne producing submachine-guns fitted with silencers is a dangerous development in the context of the city's gangland war, federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison warned yesterday. He revealed that three Owen submachine-guns and parts to make another six had been seized from a building in Melbourne's south-east. The Australian Crime Commission and the Victoria Police carried out the raid last month. Senator... (

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23 July 2004

Trinidad & Tobago Express

The mother of a 12-year-old girl beat her chest and screamed outside the Princes Town Magistrates' Court yesterday after her daughter was denied bail on charges of possession of guns, bullets and a grenade. The girl was also charged with possession of more than $3 million in cocaine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. The primary school pupil was charged jointly with a man and three Venezuelan women by members of the Firearms Interdiction Unit (FIU) who... (

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23 July 2004

Tri-Valley Herald (California)

SAN FRANCISCO — The prominent law firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP has come to the defense of Contra Costa County's ban on the sale of .50-caliber rifles. The firm, providing free assistance to Contra Costa, joined with the county counsel's office to respond to a lawsuit challenging the county's new law. Attorneys electronically filed the county's answer to the suit Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. In June, a group of gun enthusiasts, publishers,... (

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23 July 2004

President Bush signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act yesterday, and Idaho Senator Larry Craig, an original cosponsor of the bill, joined the President at the bill signing. "The President's actions today will save lives," said Craig. "Law enforcement officers, including retirees, need to protect themselves and their families. They have spent a career putting their lives on the line to protect us, and, because of the nature of their work, many need protection... (

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23 July 2004

Associated Press

CHARLESTON, West Virginia — Surplus shotguns, sniper rifles and a couple of machine guns go on sale next month as the West Virginia State Police cleans out its weapons locker. The sale to licensed dealers marks the first time in years the agency has decided to let it's older weapons go to the highest bidders, State Police Lt. Col. Dave Williams said Thursday. "Some of the previous governors weren't excited about State Police turning loose some of their weapons,"... (

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23 July 2004

Federal News Agency (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

SARAJEVO — [The Office of the High Representative] OHR's Senior Deputy High Representative Werner Wnendt, wrote today to BiH's Minister of Defence, Nikola Radovanovic, expressing his full support for the Ministers decision to place a moratorium on the sale of surplus small arms and light weapons from the armed forces of Bosnia & Herzegovina "The continuing global proliferation of arms and ammunition in circulation world-wide can only add to global instability" notes... (

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23 July 2004

Vanguard (Lagos)

Last Wednesday night at Hilton Hotel Abuja, the horror of the Rwandan Massacre and the tragedy that befell Sierra-Leone and Liberia seized Nigerians who made up the audience at a remembrance organised by the Open Society Justice Initiatives. For many Nigerians with civil war experience that ended in 1970, time has deadened the pain. Although the civil war was Nigeria's tragedy, most adults in the hall were either not born or were toddlers when Nigeria declared war... (

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