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Gun Policy News, 22 July 2004


22 July 2004

Expatica (Brussels)

AMSTERDAM — Research indicated on Thursday that some 10,000 to 15,000 illegal weapons are smuggled into the Netherlands each year, 80 percent of which originate from Portugal, Germany and Belgium. The research institute IVA and Tilburg University also said that the remainder of the illegal weapons smuggled across the Dutch border originated from former Eastern bloc nations. The research tracked the logistics necessary to illegally manufacture a gun, to smuggle it... (

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22 July 2004

Virginia Connection Newspapers (USA)

On July 31, thousands of gun enthusiasts from all over the area will descend on Fairfax County to browse among 1,000 vendors selling tens of thousands of firearms at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly. The event, billed as "The Nation's Gun Show" by its organizers, is the first such event in Fairfax County in 40 years and one of the biggest gun shows the state has seen, said Steven Elliott, president of C&E Gun Shows, the Blacksburg company which is organizing the... (

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22 July 2004

Newsday (New York)

With the ban on assault weapons set to expire in September, 10 years after it was enacted by Congress, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-Mineola) will again try to bring the gun control issue to the forefront during a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston next week. McCarthy, who became a national advocate for tougher firearms laws after her husband was killed and son injured by a gunman on the Long Island Rail Road in 1993, said she hopes the speech stirs the... (

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22 July 2004

Dallas Morning News (Texas), Editorial

Candidate George W. Bush had it right four years ago when he supported renewing a federal ban on the manufacture of assault-style semiautomatic weapons. Recently as president, Mr. Bush said he would sign the bill if Congress put it on his desk. The 10-year-old federal ban is set to expire on Sept. 13, and Republican congressional leaders seem content to let it die rather than go head to head with the powerful gun lobby this election year. Mr. Bush needs to use his... (

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22 July 2004

Washington Post

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The killings were brazen, often carried out execution-style, police said. The most famous case involved a masked man who walked up to a notorious drug dealer on a dance floor and fired a bullet into his head behind the ear. The dealer dropped to the crowded floor. Witnesses told police that they saw nothing. In the past 13 years, police have reported 76 young men killed in the Vancouver area in gang-related violence. The authorities... (

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22 July 2004


RIO DE JANEIRO — Five police officers in the crime-ridden state of Rio de Janeiro have cashed in on Brazil's guns-for-money campaign, pocketing $40 (22 pounds) each for turning in an assault rifle taken from a drug trafficker, state officials say. The state security secretariat said the officers earned the payment of 600 reais for the Ruger rifle taken from the trafficker who was killed on Tuesday in one of Rio's notoriously violent slums. Brazil, which has one of... (

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22 July 2004

4NI (UK)

Shooting incidents in London have fallen by just over a third since the start of the year, the Metropolitan Police has reported today. A new team set up to tackle shootings in London, dubbed Operation Trafalgar, has had "strong results" — cutting instances of non-fatal shootings by 35%. The total number of shooting incidents investigated by officers fell from 49 offences between January to June 2003, to 32 offences over the same period in 2004. Operation Trident, a... (

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