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Prévention de la violence armée, lois sur le contrôle des armes à feu et commerce des armes légères :

Gun Policy News, 17 July 2004


17 July 2004

New York Times, Editorial

Few Americans favor a return to the day when military-style assault weapons like AK-47's, Uzis and Tec-9 pistols could be manufactured and sold in this country, making them readily available for use by gangs and drug traffickers engaged in violent crime. Yet President Bush has still not made any effort to stop the 10-year-old federal ban on assault weapons from expiring on Sept. 13. Seeking to prod the White House into action, two Democratic senators, Dianne Feinstein... (

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17 July 2004

Tala Nei News /

APIA — Wounds inflicted or loss of life caused by the use of guns was far too prevalent. The District Court has said that before and will continue to do so, Justice Vui Clarence Nelson said, and noted that these type of offenses were regarded as serious by the court. The judge made his comments in sentencing Sa'u Lalotoa Falamai, 55, of Apolima-Uta, to 12 months of imprisonment for causing actual bodily harm to three fellow villagers through the use of a firearm.... (

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