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Gun Policy News, 15 July 2004


15 July 2004

Washington Post

On July 2, Fairfax County police received a 911 call from a Champps restaurant in Reston. Six men are seated at a table, the caller said. They're all armed. Dispatchers quickly sent four officers to the scene. The officers were "extremely polite" and were hoping that some of the men were in law enforcement, said Sgt. Richard Perez, a spokesman for the police department. None was. The men told the officers "they were just exercising their rights as citizens of the... (

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15 July 2004

Associated Press

BRASILIA — Brazil plans to begin buying guns from private citizens in an attempt to keep firearms off the streets of a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world. A spokeswoman for the Justice Ministry said yesterday she did not know when the programme would be launched, but the government budgeted 10 million reals (US$3.3 million) for the purchases Tuesday evening. The government hopes to take 80,000 guns off the street by the end of the year through... (

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15 July 2004

ABC News (Australia)

New South Wales Premier Bob Carr is being called on to show leadership on gun control and convene a summit to further tighten firearm laws. A recent triple murder-suicide has prompted the Greens' Lee Rhiannon to say there are too many guns in circulation. She says while most licensed gun holders abide by the strict controls for gun storage, others do not. "We all know we all lose our temper in the heat of the moment," she said. "We do rash things when a gun's easily... (

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15 July 2004

Asian News International / Dawn (Pakistan)

WASHINGTON — The United States has decided to buy small arms and ammunition from Pakistan, for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. "The US government needed small arms and light equipment for Iraq and Afghanistan. And they (Americans) have expressed their willingness to buy various kinds of weapons from Pakistan," official sources told The Dawn. They pointed out that the Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) and its 14 allied plants were manufacturing quality weapons which... (

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15 July 2004

BBC News

The judge said Manchester was known as "Gun City" A judge has called for tough sentences on firearms criminals after a man and a youth were caught in Manchester with a loaded Uzi sub-machine gun. Scott Atkinson, 20, of Walsden Street, Clayton, and a youth, 17, of Beswick, also admitted owning a sawn-off shotgun with intent to endanger life. They were detained for four years at Manchester Crown Court. Recorder David Maddison said: "These days Manchester is... (

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15 July 2004

New Ross Standard (Ireland)

A landmark High Court judgement in favour of a County Wexford man who successfully challenged a garda superintendent's refusal to grant him a firearms certificate for a target pistol will not lead to a situation where Irish gun ownership is as liberal as that in the United States. Both the gardaí and Curracloe-based marksman dismissed suggestions that gun laws could become significantly liberalised as a result of the rulings. Gardaí said this week they were still... (

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15 July 2004

BBC News

The Brazilian government is offering to buy guns from its citizens as part of an initiative to reduce violent crime. Payments will range from $33 for a pistol to $100 for an assault rifle. Anyone can hand in a weapon before the end of the year without fear of being questioned or charged with illegal possession. According to the United Nations, Brazil has the world's fourth-highest murder rate, with 40,000 gun-related murders last year. Successful Pilot The... (

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