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Gun Policy News, 14 July 2004


14 July 2004

Washington Times

Senate Democrats urged President Bush yesterday to force a House vote extending the assault-weapons ban before Congress takes its summer recess, even though the bill is unlikely to pass. Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California and Charles E. Schumer of New York, equipped with a letter of support from three former presidents, urged Mr. Bush to press the House Republican leadership to allow a vote renewing the 1994 law. Less than two months remain before the ban... (

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14 July 2004

Kampala New Vision (Uganda)

KAMPALA — Districts have embarked on a nationwide exercise to register and verify firearms for both private and public security organisations. The Kamwenge resident district commissioner, John Kigyagi, recently said the exercise would help the Government to know how many firearms are in the country and how they come in. He said all districts received circulars from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to verify and mark all firearms. Each district was given a code... (

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14 July 2004

Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra), Editorial

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report on conflict assessment in Ghana has revealed that the main reason for the proliferation of small arms in the country was the leakages from government armouries during and after the June 1979 and December 31, 1981 military interventions in the governance of Ghana. Put in simple terms, what this means is that during those two military interventions, small arms found their way out of the controlled conditions in the... (

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14 July 2004

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

JAKARTA — In the arms race between ruthless pirates and heavily laden ships in one of the world's busiest sea lanes, the shipping tycoons are looking for more powerful weapons. "If we have only knives and the pirates have assault rifles, the pirates will win," said Suyono, general manager of one of Indonesia's biggest shipping companies. "We want permission for our crew members to be armed with small arms," he said. "Even two or three pistols would be useful. We... (

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14 July 2004

AlterNet, Opinion

"In October of last year — after he railed against then-Democratic frontrunner Howard Dean for his opposition to the assault-weapons ban — Kerry went outside, brandished his 12-gauge shotgun and in two shots blew two pheasants out of the sky." — CBS News Quicker than you can say "Charlton Heston, Defender Of Liberty, NRA Commemorative Coin," Americans, 80 million of whom own guns, will cast their vote for president. To woo these voters each candidate must decide... (

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14 July 2004

Pacific Media Watch

PORT MORESBY — In a response to the alarming upsurge in armed robberies, car hijackings and tribal shootouts in Papua New Guinea, the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier staged an anti-gun campaign, which it ran on its front pages in May and June. Papua New Guinea's Internal Security Minister, Bire Kimisopa, said that there were 200,000 legal gun licences in the country, which may contribute to the number of armed robberies, car hijackings and tribal shootouts. Kimisopa... (

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14 July 2004

Knight Ridder / Tribune (USA)

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida — Brandon James Maxfield was 7 years old in 1994 and playing at his home in northern California when a gunshot from a .38-caliber handgun he says was poorly designed paralyzed him for life. Ever since, Brandon has waged a legal crusade against Bryco Arms and founder Bruce Jennings, the gun's designer who now lives in a million-dollar home near Daytona Beach and declared bankruptcy after a California jury ordered Jennings and his companies to... (

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14 July 2004

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah), Editorial

This being campaign season, there is more posing in Congress than at a Mr. Olympia contest. Exhibit A: The spectacle of senators prattling about whether to amend the Constitution to prevent gay marriages. Everyone knew that the proposed amendment had no chance of getting the two-thirds support necessary to pass, but Republican leaders staged the debate anyway. They wanted to score campaign points with the religious right. Strangely enough, the GOP potentates in the... (

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