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Gun Policy News, 10 July 2004


10 July 2004

Daily Star (Beirut)

BEIRUT — Every Lebanese family has a gun in the house — at least, that's the cliche. Most small weapons in private homes are never used. But one day they might be — and that's the danger of possessing them. "I have a hunting gun at home," said an engineer living in Beirut. "I use it for hunting, but it could kill a person at a short distance as well. That's why I keep it — just in case." His family in the mountains even owns three Kalashnikovs — left over... (

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10 July 2004

Times of India

VADODARA/AHMEDABAD — The public nabbing a small-time thief or a house-breaker and giving him a sound beating was a common sight till very recently. However, two incidents in quick succession at Vadodara reveal that the miscreants seem to be becoming triggerhappy and carry firearms for effect. Auto-rickshaw driver Arvind Patel was killed on July 9 while police constable Ganesh Bahadur was injured on June 27 when miscreants, who were about to be nabbed by the police,... (

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10 July 2004

Washington Post

SEATTLE — In a spat that could have implications for the presidential campaign, the National Rifle Association has angered a group of opinion makers among America's 50 million hunters and anglers. The president of the National Rifle Association warned a convention of outdoor writers last month that it should not be seduced by environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, which promise to protect hunting habitat but actually are scheming to ban guns. "It's... (

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10 July 2004

Sacramento Bee (California), Opinion

Amid the rancor in Contra Costa County over big guns — the county's controversial new ban on .50-caliber rifles was legally attacked again this week by gun groups — a nagging question lingers: Who wants these things, anyway? I mean, what is the point of having a .50-caliber sniper rifle that can take out a Humvee and penetrate inch-thick steel? I've been accused more than once of just not getting all this "gun fun." I confess: I still don't. But a majority of... (

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10 July 2004

Red Deer Advocate (Alberta)

Penhold area residents are fighting for the relocation of a shooting range after a bullet shot past a deaf boy. Residents near the Red Deer Fish and Game Association's gun range, 20 km west of Penhold, say irresponsible firearms use is threatening their safety. "People are just shooting at everything around there to be stupid," said Sherry Strand, who lives across the road from the shooting range. "There will be a tragedy, no doubt, if there aren't changes." Strand... (

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