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Gun Policy News, 9 July 2004

Nations Unies

9 July 2004

Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland), Opinion

Every day millions of men, women and children live in fear of armed violence. Weapons kill one person a minute, and in that same minute, 15 new arms are manufactured for sale. Ordinary civilians are most at risk and account for 80 per cent of the deaths. Security affects an increasing part of our daily lives. Wherever we live, we are all threatened by the world's rising pile of small arms, currently constituting 639 million weapons, or one for every ten people on the... (

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9 July 2004

BBC News

Three hundred replica guns have been destroyed in London as part of a campaign to reduce the number of small arms around the world. They were steamrollered in a bid to pressure ministers to sign a treaty curbing the trade in handheld weapons. Mick North, whose daughter Sophie was killed at Dunblane eight years ago, is a member of the Gun Control Network. He said the UK was a major arms seller and adding to numbers of guns in the world was 'just lunacy'. "The... (

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9 July 2004

Ghana News Agency

ACCRA — Vice President Aliu Mahama on Friday announced several interventions to check the inflow of small weapons into the country and urged Ghanaians to support the National Commission on Small Arms to facilitate the process. The interventions include the establishment of a database and an arms register for the security services, the marking of registered weapons in State institutions and private arms, the strengthening of security at armouries and the monitoring of... (

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9 July 2004


CARACAS — La Fuerza Armada Nacional (FAN) destruyó hoy más de 18.000 armas de fuego decomisadas por cuerpos de seguridad del Estado a presuntos delincuentes. El lote destruido, que pesaba 21 toneladas, estuvo formado por 15.217 revólveres, 1.923 pistolas y 1.258 escopetas, además de 38 armas neumáticas. El acto, abierto al público, se celebró en el Paseo de Los Próceres, cerca de la principal base militar de la capital venezolana, con asistencia del... (

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9 July 2004

Los Angeles Times

Lawyers representing a teenager left quadriplegic by an accidental shooting with a Saturday night special said Thursday that enough money had been raised to make a bid for the Orange County-based maker of the gun that maimed him. A bid of $175,000 is expected to be submitted today in a Florida bankruptcy court on behalf of Brandon Maxfield, now 17, who wants to permanently shut down Bryco Arms in Costa Mesa. Brandon, a Mendocino County resident, was 7 when he was shot... (

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9 July 2004

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

The Cabinet is considering pressing for tighter gun-control regulations following violent incidents such as the March 19 shooting of President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu According to a Cabinet official who asked not to be identified, the Cabinet is scheduled to review the draft amendments to the Statute Regulating Firearms, Ammunition, Knives and Other Deadly Weapons today. The proposed changes would increase penalties for those possessing homemade... (

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9 July 2004

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

The internationally financed programme designed to disarm thousands of armed men who fought for local commanders against the Taleban and during the years of civil war in the country has fallen badly behind schedule. The delay raises the spectre that local commanders may still lead powerful private armies by the time of the presidential election this autumn, leaving them with the capacity to intimidate local voters and even threaten the new government in Kabul. The... (

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9 July 2004


MADRID — Coincidiendo con el Día Internacional para la Destrucción de Armas, las ONGs Amnistía Internacional e Intermón Oxfam han organizado una entrega simbólica de armas destruidas en el Palacio de la Moncloa para pedir al Presidente del Gobierno, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, un compromiso público para impulsar un Tratado Internacional que controle su comercio. "Centrados en la búsqueda de armas nucleares, químicas y biológicas, los gobiernos ignoran... (

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9 July 2004

Onalaska Community Life (Wisconsin)

Gun rights advocates from all over the country are up in arms over what they consider a betrayal of their cause by the Gunslick Trap Club. In the wake of Saturday's visit by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, letters from as far as Michigan, Missouri and Wyoming were submitted to this newspaper criticizing the club. The writers maintain the Gunslick Trap Club was duped into helping Kerry project a pro-gun image, even though he has a history of supporting... (

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