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Gun Policy News, 8 July 2004


8 July 2004

National (Port Moresby)

The gun case against former Rural Development Bank managing director Wai Kitts has been dismissed by the Committal Court. Senior magistrate Bill Noki ruled yesterday that the alleged offence was not committed in Papua New Guinea and therefore "this court cannot deal with this matter". He added: "The jurisdiction aspect is an important issue to decide first for the court to deal with the matter but considering all the aspects this court does not have the jurisdiction... (

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Nations Unies

8 July 2004

International Herald Tribune, Letter

Access to surface-to-air missiles by armed groups is but one of the frightening aspects of the leakage of small arms from states to nonstate actors ("Terrorist missiles called threat," July 1). From Latin America to South Asia, stockpiles of small arms and light weapons routinely leak into the civilian population through theft, corruption and poor security. These weapons fuel the insurgencies, rebellions and widespread criminal violence that kill civilians, cause... (

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8 July 2004

Irish Examiner

Fresh garda powers proposed in the new Criminal Justice Bill must be balanced with additional safeguards, it was claimed today. The newly-published Bill gives officers increased powers in relation to the issuing of search warrants, the detention of suspects, and the taking of saliva samples. It also introduces fixed penalties for public order offences and new restrictions on firearms licences, while allowing retracted witness statements to be used in criminal... (

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8 July 2004

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Off-duty and retired police officers would have the right to carry concealed weapons in any state under legislation the Senate approved by voice vote Wednesday and sent to the president. The bill, passed by the House last month, would override some states' prohibitions on carrying concealed firearms. Many states do not recognize other states' concealed weapons permits. "This legislation will allow thousands of equipped, trained and certified officers to... (

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Afrique du Sud

8 July 2004

News24 (South Africa)

JOHANNESBURG — As gun owners frantically rush around for proficiency licences, training centre employees are pulling their hair out over a shortage of accredited shooting ranges. In accordance with the new law on the control of firearms, all training centres, weapons instructors and shooting ranges have to be accredited by the SAPS. For someone wanting to apply for a firearm licence, or renew an existing one, they first need a certificate of proficiency. This... (

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8 July 2004

Massachusetts Republican, Editorial

The landmark federal law that restricts possession of the most dangerous military-style guns will expire Sept. 13 unless Congress and President Bush act soon. Fearing that neither Congress nor the president would reauthorize the legislation before it expires, Gov. W. Mitt Romney signed a bill last week that bans assault weapons such as the AK-47 and Uzi, while protecting the rights of lawful gun owners in Massachusetts. If the federal ban is allowed to expire,... (

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8 July 2004

Monrovia News (Liberia)

The availability of small arms has reportedly increased the level of global violence with at least 500,000 deaths every year and a million injured by the use of small arms and light weapons. These casualties occur in wars by combatants or civilians or as victims of crime, oppression, suicide or communal violence. This tragic state of affairs was highlighted in observance of the Global Action Week Against the proliferation of Small Arms. The Liberia Action Network... (

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Antilles néerlandaises

8 July 2004

Daily Herald (Netherlands Antilles), Editorial

The discovery of a large arsenal of firearms in a Cul de Sac home, described as a "serious blow to crime," is reason for concern. Of course, the fact that police were able to confiscate the guns with ammunition and arrest a suspect is good news, but it is also downright scary that such extremely powerful and deadly weapons, including several machine guns, are present and in criminal hands. With its many bays and beaches, along with the open border between the French... (

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8 July 2004

Philadelphia Inquirer

It will be ten years this fall. Ten years since a man walked into Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Headquarters on a November morning, climbed the stairs to the second floor, opened the door to the Cold Case Homicide Squad, pulled a MAC-10 assault pistol out from under his jacket, opened fire and killed two FBI agents and a Washington police sergeant and grievously wounded a third FBI agent. Ten years since one man was able to acquire, conceal and wield sufficient... (

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8 July 2004

Associated Press

CHEYENNE — All eight Democratic and Republican candidates for Wyoming's lone seat in the U.S. House oppose gun control, but differences emerge and party lines blur among them on abortion and gay marriage. The major party candidates stated their positions on the three issues and others in interviews with the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. Casper Democrat John Henley said he's neither totally for abortion rights or anti-abortion. "I don't have a problem with contraception... (

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