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Gun Policy News, 1 July 2004


1 July 2004

Kyodo News (Japan)

GENEVA — Japan was the world's fourth largest small arms importer in 2001 after the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Cyprus, with $151 million worth of imports of items mainly for the Self-Defense Forces, according to a study released by a Geneva-based institute Wednesday. The study titled "Small Arms Survey 2004: Rights at Risk" by the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva also showed that Japan ranked ninth among countries exporting nonmilitary small weapons... (

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Afrique du Sud

1 July 2004

Business Day (Johannesburg)

Up to 500000 people are killed with small arms every year South Africa has the second-highest incidence of gun violence in the world, second only to violence-wracked Colombia in South America, an international study on the proliferation of small arms has found. This is one of the findings of the Small Arms Survey, an annual report by the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. The study, an initiative of the Swiss government, financed by... (

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Afrique du Sud

1 July 2004

BBC News

A new firearms law has come into force in South Africa, which has one of the highest rates of gun-related crime anywhere in the world. Over 2m gun owners will have to reapply for their licences, undergo stringent checks and sit an exam. The new Firearms Control Act also raises the legal age for owning a firearm from 16 to 21. A late bid by the country's gun lobby to delay the bill's implementation failed in court. 'Radical' The South African Gun Owners'... (

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1 July 2004

Independent (UK)

The homes of 270 suspected criminals were raided across Britain yesterday in the first national crackdown on illegal firearms and weapons that were bought on the internet. Among the targets were some of the country's most senior crime bosses. Police seized a range of weapons including shotguns, handguns, ammunition, explosives, stun guns, CS gas, and blank-firing guns which can be converted into weapons. The operation reflects the growing concern that the Web is... (

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1 July 2004

New York Times, Editorial

After thriving handsomely off the Second Amendment for decades, the National Rifle Association has decided to invoke the First Amendment and attempt a metamorphosis into a news media organization. It has begun a three-hour daily show on satellite radio to broadcast its anti-gun-control polemics in the name of legitimate news. This is a transparent device designed to circumvent the federal campaign law's strictures on unlimited advocacy at election time. Still, it's an... (

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1 July 2004

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion

Eleven years ago today, an irate gunman entered 101 California St. with two TEC DC-9s and a handgun, shot dead eight strangers, wounded six others, then killed himself. He had a grudge against a law firm, and a hit "list of criminals, rapists, racketeers, lobbyists" on his body when he died, but none of his victims was named. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., responded by calling for a ban on assault weapons. Insiders had warned Feinstein that she would fail, but she... (

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1 July 2004

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Starting today, the National Police Agency (NPA) commences a three-month amnesty for those holding illegal firearms to hand in the weapons without being charged. "From July 1 to Sept. 30, individuals possessing illegal firearms may turn them in at police stations, district prosecutors' offices, coast guard posts and armed force reserves without getting a criminal record," Minister of the Interior Su Jia-chyuan said at the NPA press conference. The three-month program... (

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Afrique du Sud

1 July 2004

News24 (South Africa)

JOHANNESBURG — More than 100 foreign hunting tourists struggled on Thursday to stay on track of the new gun act amid huge confusion about its implications. Tour operators at Johannesburg International were dodging difficult questions from impatient visitors who have had to wait for up to four hours to complete the paperwork for their arms. A group of 70 hunters, who arrived on a flight from the United States, and another of at least 30 from Europe were delayed by... (

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1 July 2004

Small Arms Survey 2004: Rights at Risk. Oxford University Press

Despite reports of a crime wave in Australia following recent restrictions on the private ownership of firearms, evidence actually shows sweeping reductions in gun-related death, injury, and crime. On 10 May 1996, 12 days after 35 people were shot dead by a single gunman at Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia's state and federal governments agreed to enact wide-ranging gun control measures. Between June 1996 and August 1998, new restrictions were progressively brought... (

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