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Gun Policy News, 28 June 2004


28 June 2004

Washington Post

Jim Martin, the conservation director for the largest fishing tackle company in the United States, is a registered Republican who, like many sportsmen, had high hopes when President Bush took office. But he now eyes the administration more warily, worried about its push for oil and gas development on public land and its position on global climate change. "They should not assume because we're registered Republicans we'll vote for Bush," said Martin, who works for Pure... (

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28 June 2004

Yorkshire Post (UK)

The Mothers Against Violence group is being headed by Pat Regan, whose son Danny, 26, was blasted to death by three bullets. The march is part of a national campaign which aims to rid the streets of violence and gun-related crime. Mum-of-five Pat, 49, of Hyde Park, Leeds, a trainee community development worker, said: "So many lives are lost due to guns and violence. By carrying a gun many young people think they have some sort of standing or will gain respect but I... (

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28 June 2004

San Francisco Chronicle

WASHINGTON — Sen. Dianne Feinstein knows the odds are increasingly daunting as she tries to win congressional renewal of her 10-year-old assault weapons ban before it expires Sept. 13, and she warns that if the law lapses "you can expect the market to become flooded" with such guns as AK-47s and Uzis. The California Democrat will be home in San Francisco on Tuesday to join her colleague Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in marking... (

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28 June 2004

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine — Federal prosecutors, using a program aimed at reducing gun crimes, have prosecuted more domestic violence offenders on firearms charges in the last three years than almost any other district. Maine is among the country's top five districts in terms of the number of prosecutions for federal firearms violations, U.S. Attorney Paula Silsby said. In the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 75 people were prosecuted in federal court in Maine, up from 36 in... (

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Afrique du Sud

28 June 2004

News24 (South Africa)

PRETORIA — Institutions that own firearms, including security service providers, would only have to start renewing their firearm licences in two years' time, the police said on Monday. It denied media reports that the security industry faced disarmament from Thursday, when the new Firearms Control Act comes into operation. "Many rumours have surfaced regarding the … legislation … which have led to false and misleading information being published in the media,"... (

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28 June 2004

Join Together Online gun violence web site (Boston)

With the recent passage of a "shall issue" handgun law in Ohio, the number of states that have eased restrictions on concealed gun carrying has risen to 35. But in the face of this onslaught, four heartland states are holding fast to their long-time laws that prohibit the carrying of concealed guns by people other than police officers. Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin thus far have withstood the gun lobby's efforts to enact shall-issue laws. (They're commonly... (

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28 June 2004

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Australia is keen to help the Papua New Guinea Defence Force reach its former glory days but to do that there needs to be political stability. There are about 30 projects the Australian Government wants to assist to ensure that the revitalisation and recapitalisation of the PNGDF is realised, Defence Minister Mathew Gubag said yesterday. He also said moves to topple the current Government would jeopardise the trust and confidence of development partners who have... (

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