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Gun Policy News, 19 June 2004


19 June 2004

Calgary Sun (Alberta)

Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe says he'll shoot down any attempt by a Conservative government to scrap the controversial gun registry. "We believe the gun registry is necessary and we will maintain it," the separatist leader said in Montreal yesterday. "We cannot make a compromise on such an important question. We will vote against the abolition." Duceppe took aim at Stephen Harper as the Conservative leader waded into Quebec in an attempt to shore up his support in... (

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19 June 2004

China Post (Taiwan)

TAIPEI — Interior Minister Su Chia-chuan yesterday declared an amnesty for holders who turn in their illegal weapons in three months starting July 1 at the latest. At a press meeting after a Cabinet cross-agency gun control meeting, Su said no questions will be asked if the owners surrender their arms during the grace period. "After the period," Su said, "those found in possession of unlicensed weapons will be harshly dealt with." The period of grace, which starts... (

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19 June 2004

Northwest Indiana Times

HAMMOND, Indiana — A few years ago, George Wortham would have walked out of an area gun store as a satisfied customer, armed with a .40-caliber handgun — no questions asked. Today, the 36-year-old Harvey man is serving an 18-month sentence for being a gun runner — buying a gun for a couple of convicted felons. Wortham is an example of why a team of federal and local law enforcement officers in northern Indiana are being recognized as among the busiest in the... (

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19 June 2004

Times-Union (Florida)

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — Nearly a quarter of a million electronic records deep inside the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office are about to become a casualty of a new state law, and Sheriff John Rutherford is none too happy about it. A bill passed by legislators in April and signed by Gov. Jeb Bush in May bars law enforcement agencies from compiling or keeping electronic records of guns or their owners, although paper records are still allowed. In Jacksonville, that means... (

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19 June 2004

National Review (USA), Opinion

Canada's two major parties — the long-ruling Liberals and the new Conservative Party of Canada — remained deadlocked after the polls closed last night. In all likelihood, that's bad news for gun ownership and public safety up north. The Liberals, who have gone from a 168-seat majority in the 308-seat House of Commons to a plurality of about 135 seats, will almost certainly form a coalition with the socialist New Democratic Party (NDP) to rule Canada. The NDP... (

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19 June 2004

Dallas Morning News (Texas)

WASHINGTON — During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, U.S. troops used the .50-caliber sniper rifle to take out Iraqi armored personnel carriers from a mile away. Its most powerful cartridge can penetrate inch-thick steel from that distance. Could the same weapon, in a terrorist's hands, be used to bring down a commercial airliner or unleash toxic chemicals from a railroad tank car? Originally designed for the military, the .50-caliber rifle is legally available to... (

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