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Gun Policy News, 17 June 2004


17 June 2004

Nation (Thailand)

More southern teachers are taking out loans to buy firearms, which could put their lives in even greater danger as militants go after their weapons. The Pattani Teacher Cooperative has started offering handgun loans of up to Bt50,000 to educators frightened by violence in the deep South. They must get a concealedweapon permit. Manager Lerpong Kittiputhipong said his cooperative has about five teachers per day coming for the loan and has approved about 200 of them... (

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17 June 2004

Age (Melbourne)

A Melbourne honours student who killed two men and wounded five others in a shooting rampage at Monash University was today found not guilty because of mental impairment. But Victorian Supreme Court justice Bernard Teague ordered that 38-year-old Huan Xiang be detained in a secure psychiatric institution for 25 years. The trial was told at the time of the shooting at Monash University on October 21, 2002, that Xiang was mentally impaired. The court heard Xiang... (

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17 June 2004

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

The Australian Government is funding another survey on guns in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific islands. It is the second time the Government in Canberra has provided funding for a survey of small arms in the region. The first survey was carried out in 2002 and conducted by the Small Arms Survey — an international non-government organisation based in Geneva — through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). An amount of $A40,000... (

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17 June 2004

New York Times, Opinion

LOS ANGELES — To the American troops in Iraq being subjected to a daily rain of fire from roadside bombs, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades, it often seems that the insurgents have limitless stocks of munitions. In fact, in the time I spent embedded with a platoon there, I heard more than one marine joke that the insurgents must have more bullets to spare than the Americans. But it's no joke: some military officials told me that the Iraqis have so many weapons... (

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17 June 2004

Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Attorney General John Ashcroft touted a Bush administration program Wednesday meant to ensure tough sentences for people who use guns to commit crimes, saying it has made the nation markedly safer. Since President Bush took office, Ashcroft said, more than $1 billion has been spent on the Project Safe Neighborhoods program. Ashcroft spoke to a crowd of more than 1,000 local, state and federal prosecutors in Kansas City for a conference on... (

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17 June 2004 (Canada)

Richard Holmes has been a die-hard Liberal all his life. After hearing Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's promise to scrap the gun registry, he's ready to switch teams. The national gun registry, which was supposed to cost $2 million, has ballooned to about $1 billion and the Conservatives estimate getting rid of it will save between $25 million and $100 million a year. Mr. Harper wants to divert at least part of the money to hire 200 more RCMP officers and pay... (

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17 June 2004

Los Angeles Times

The fate of one of the nation's most controversial gun makers may be decided this week in a federal bankruptcy court in Florida, where the assets of Costa Mesa-based Bryco Arms are scheduled to be auctioned. The only bid so far is from Bryco's former plant manager, who intends to revive the dormant business. He has offered $150,000 for what's left of the company — one of the last in a group of Southern California firms that once stamped out millions of inexpensive... (

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17 June 2004

Connecticut Post

BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut — Area gun-control advocates and trauma surgeons called on Congress Wednesday to renew the assault weapon ban that's set to expire Sept. 13. "None of you wants to stand in my shoes," said Bryan Miller, brother of FBI Special Agent Mike Miller, who was killed in Washington, D.C., in 1994 by a gunman using a MAC-10 assault pistol. "None of you wants to lose a loved one because weapons of war are available in our civil society." He was joined... (

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