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Gun Policy News, 16 June 2004


16 June 2004


BANGKOK — Gun shops in Bangkok are offering discounts to teachers in Thailand's troubled Muslim south where a spate of almost daily attacks show no signs of abating despite government promises to restore peace. On Wednesday, a school guard was shot on his way to work and a Buddhist policeman was killed at a government office, police said. More than 200 people have been killed in the violence that erupted in January. Schools have been common targets for arson and gun... (

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16 June 2004

Guardian (UK)

A teenager paralysed by a gun accident 10 years ago is planning to buy the company that makes the weapon fired in the incident at a bankruptcy auction tomorrow. Brandon Maxfield, now 17, was left paralysed when a babysitter fired a handgun owned by his parents. Last year a jury awarded him $51m (£27.8m) damages, of which the gun manufacturer was made liable for $23m. The following day Bryco Arms filed for bankruptcy. But the Maxfields' lawyers became suspicious... (

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16 June 2004

Associated Press

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Brazil's president will ask leaders around the world to support taxes on arms sales and international financial transactions so a fund can be established to ease misery and improve infrastructure in poor countries. President Luiz Inacio da Silva on Tuesday also renewed his call for the establishment of a worldwide fund to eliminate hunger similar to the "Zero Hunger" program he established in South America's largest country after taking office... (

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16 June 2004

Agence France Presse

PARIS, France — Defence firms are about to pitch "a frightening new breed of stun gun" to police in America and Europe that has left human rights groups appalled about the risk to bystanders and people in poor health, New Scientist says. "No independent safety tests have been carried out" on these new weapons, the British weekly says in its next issue, published on Saturday. The present generation of electric stun gun is exemplified by the Taser, in use in many US... (

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16 June 2004

CanWest News Service

"If you actually talk off the record to a large number of these people, particularly those who are not involved in the administration of the system — employed by it, they will tell you it's a dubious use of resources compared to their other priorities. That's my judgment, and I've seen nothing concrete to suggest otherwise. We have seen an acceleration of gun smuggling and (gun) running across the border since we instituted this gun registry." Conservative Leader... (

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16 June 2004

Harris Poll

ROCHESTER, New York — A majority of the public continues to favor stricter gun control, but gun control is not likely to be much of an issue in this year's presidential election. In fact, a modest plurality thinks President George Bush would do a better job than Senator John Kerry on the issue of gun control. These findings suggest that gun control is not an issue which is influencing voters in their choice of presidential candidates. These are the results of a... (

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