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Gun Policy News, 10 June 2004


10 June 2004

Sydney Morning Herald

The owners of 22 security companies could be charged or have their licences revoked following a crackdown on gun storage. The Police Minister, John Watkins, yesterday released the results of an audit by the Firearms and Regulated Industries Crime Squad, launched after 65 handguns were stolen from security firms last year. The audit, Operation Advance, has led to investigations into 22 security companies, with 23 handguns seized by police from 14 companies. Another 140... (

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10 June 2004

Knight Ridder / Tribune (USA)

WASHINGTON — Before 1997, the overwhelming majority of young people who committed suicide used guns. But that's changing. In recent years, teenagers who choose to kill themselves — young teens especially — turned more often to hanging or other types of suffocation than to shooting, according to a report Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Atlanta-based federal health protection agency. Finding out why teens are changing their methods is... (

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10 June 2004

Associated Press

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — A state appeals court has begun weighing the legalities of the city's lawsuit seeking reimbursement from the gun industry for costs associated with firearms-related injuries. Attorneys for gunmakers, their opponents and the city of St. Louis argued the matter Wednesday before a three-judge Missouri Court of Appeals panel. The appeal follows a St. Louis County judge's dismissal last October of a 1999 lawsuit the city of St. Louis brought against... (

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10 June 2004

Al-Sabah al-Jadeed (Iraq)

Weapons are still being handed over for money in Najaf. Thousands of people are reported to be coming daily to the weapons delivery centres, bringing different types of armaments, and waiting for hours in long queues. Al-Sabah witnessed some people with heavy guns and weapons being carried in their cars. Some smugglers buy the weapons from the people and sell them to the US forces. A police officer said they had delivered tens of mortars and more than 500... (

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10 June 2004


MOSCOW/KHANKALA — Residents of Chechnya will be invited to surrender firearms for cash, an official in the regional headquarters for anti-terrorist operations the North Caucasus told Interfax on Thursday. The goal is to reduce the amount of crimes committed with firearms and explosives, a headquarters press release says. The Chechen government has passed an ordinance under which 5,000 rubles will be paid for every pistol, 20,000 rubles for sniper rifles and slightly... (

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