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Gun Policy News, 8 June 2004

Îles Salomon

8 June 2004

Australian Associated Press

There has been one side effect of the successful disarmament campaign on the Solomon Islands — crocodiles are thriving. Ten months ago the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (Ramsi) landed troops and police to restore order to the strife-torn nation. One of its highest priorities was reducing the numbers of weapons that were being used by militia and criminals to spread terror among the general population. Since then 3714 firearms — including many... (

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8 June 2004

Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio), Editorial

Sunburn, skateboard accidents and the West Nile virus are summer concerns parents are willing to admit into their consciousness. But the thought of their child coming in contact with a gun is a danger few parents talk about or even allow themselves to consider. Still, guns are an increasingly common part of American life; experts point out that 40 percent of homes with children have one. For that reason, parents should consider an approach called Asking Saves Kids... (

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Afrique du Sud

8 June 2004

Star (South Africa)

A nine-year-old schoolboy has appeared in court after a classmate was shot and critically wounded. The boy allegedly shot a nine-year-old girl while he was apparently playing with his brother's gun on Thursday. North Rand Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit spokesperson Captain Anna-Marie Potgieter said the boy had told the police that he was looking for something in his school bag when the shot accidentally went off. The boy and girl attend... (

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8 June 2004

BBC News

When it comes to gun crime, Manchester is one of the UK's hotspots with more than 1,200 recorded firearms offences and six fatalities last year. One woman whose son died in a gun attack three years ago told BBC News Online about her attempts to rid the city's streets of gangs and guns. By day, the street in Longsight in Manchester seems an unthreatening place. The rows of neat terraced housing facing onto a bank of open grass look just like many others in the city.... (

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8 June 2004

Calgary Sun (Alberta)

Prime Minister Paul Martin says he's prepared to take an axe to Ottawa jobs to keep gun registry costs down. Martin promised yesterday to keep the ballooning costs of the controversial long-gun registry program down to $25 million annually, adding if he has to trim costs, he would first cut jobs in the Canadian Firearms Centre's Ottawa office. But Martin promised there would be no pink slips handed out to the 158 public servants working in the registry's data... (

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8 June 2004


MOSCOW — The experience of paying money for arms surrender applied in North Caucasus republics may be applied in Chechnya. "Relying on the experience of neighboring regions, the Chechen government is planning to consider financing the surrender of arms in the framework of the anti-terrorist effort," Gen. Nikolai Pershutkin, deputy chief of the Interior Ministry's public security service, told reporters on Tuesday. "Last year the population in Dagestan voluntarily... (

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