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Gun Policy News, 30 April 2004


30 April 2004

Orlando Sentinel (Florida)

ORLANDO, Florida — The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating an incident in which one of its agents giving a presentation to Orlando-area children on gun safety shot himself in the thigh. Orlando police investigators have ruled the April 9 shooting at The Callahan Center, 101 N. Parramore Ave., accidental, police Lt. Curley Bowman said Thursday night. But … special agent Joe Kilmer said Thursday night that an internal investigation led by officials... (

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30 April 2004

CanWest News Service

OTTAWA — Liberals may be considering a proposal for a voluntary firearms registration as part of the party's effort to appease western voters. Toronto MP Sarmite Bulte said Thursday members of the gun-control lobby have told members of Parliament the idea surfaced when associate defence minister Albina Guarnieri met advocates of the gun registry during her three-month review of the Firearms Act. Wendy Cukier, head of the Coalition For Gun Control, alerted MPs about... (

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30 April 2004

Press Association (UK)

Scotland Yard is to beef up its firearms unit and arm more police following a series of US-style gun attacks on officers. Senior officers are considering establishing a new team of 50 officers armed with MP5 Heckler and Koch rifles who will be used as a "strategic reserve". Instructions to Met staff say the group of officers would only be deployed "in extremis" on the authority of the force's Security Review Committee for the protection of unarmed officers, Police... (

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