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Gun Policy News, 27 April 2004


27 April 2004

Daily Times (Lahore)

DARRA ADAMKHEL — In the absence of government support the century-old arms-manufacturing town of Darra Adamkhel is rapidly losing its distinction as Asia's biggest privately-run weapons market. Most arms and ammunition manufacturers here run small production units in shops and their houses. Much of the work is done manually or with small machinery units. Although the quality of the weapons manufactured is of low standard, they were once in great demand in Pakistan.... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

27 April 2004

NewstalkZB (NZ)

Duck hunters who enjoy a swig in the maimai can expect an officer of the law to paddle up beside them as the season starts this weekend. Operation Birdshot aims to educate and prosecute hunters who fail to make safety their primary concern this season. Wellington firearms licensing coordinator, Graham Nels, says hunters who drink while they weald a potentially deadly weapon are in the firing line. Mr Nels says police and Fish and Game officers will be patrolling... (

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27 April 2004

Palm Beach Post (Florida)

WEST PALM BEACH — When 13-year-old Tronnie Watson appeared in court last week to answer charges that he found a gun and shot a young playmate, Circuit Judge Roger Colton seemed more upset with adults who leave guns where kids can find them than he did with the kids who shoot them. "Get rid of them all," Colton said in a raised voice, referring to the guns. But Colton's pleas may be futile. A Florida law that requires adults to store guns out of a child's reach is so... (

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27 April 2004

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

One was used to shoot a woman in a domestic-violence assault, another sent multiple rounds flying in a South Seattle neighborhood, a third was found in the possession of a Central District teenager, and a fourth was recovered when officers responded to a report of shots fired. All four weapons — two Tech-9 semiautomatic handguns, an assault rifle with a collapsible stock and a 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun dubbed the street sweeper — are illegal under a federal... (

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27 April 2004

BBC News

Supporters of a charity set up to fight gun crime are meeting Home Secretary David Blunkett to raise the organisation's profile. The Disarm Trust was set up in April 2003 in response to increased levels of violent crime involving firearms. MP Diane Abbott, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gun Crime, set up the meeting. Victims of gun crime and their families were invited to the event on Wednesday, along with celebrity supporters. Figures from the pop... (

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27 April 2004

Muswellbrook Chronicle (Australia)

GUN owners can expect a knock on the door in coming weeks with police conducting firearms safety audits throughout Muswellbrook. The audits are being conducted statewide, with registered gun owners notified by mail earlier this year. "We're not targeting anyone," Senior Constable Judy Simpson said. "We have to audit every single registered firearm owner. "We're not going out there just to charge people or revenue raise, we're just making sure people are following... (

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27 April 2004

New York Times, Letter

To the Editor: Contrary to your characterization of them as "fast-fire attack weapons designed for waging war, not hunting" (editorial, April 20), the firearms covered by the 1994 Congressional legislation banning assault-style firearms are technically no different from the semiautomatic or self-loading firearms used for 100 years by millions of Americans for hunting, sport shooting, collecting and personal protection. They fire one round at a time with each pull and... (

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27 April 2004

Editor and Publisher (USA)

NEW YORK — Since 2001, at least 18 newspapers representing a daily circulation of 4.62 million have tightened the leash on gun advertising according to the National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Loophole. The Indianapolis Star is the latest paper to change its policy. Peter Ricker, vice president of advertising at the paper, said the decision to accept gun ads and classifieds from licensed dealers only was made to align with editorial concerns. "We constantly look... (

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27 April 2004

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

An expatriate man escaped possible death after criminals failed to shoot him three times in the head with a home-made gun last week. The incident occurred last Thursday when the man's family which included his wife, two daughters and two sons drove to the Konedobu oval in Port Moresby to pick up his other son and friends at 6.30pm. A group of rascals attacked them. The victim, a businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, said yesterday they smashed the car's window... (

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