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Gun Policy News, 12 April 2004


12 April 2004

Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)

Of the 11 students accused of taking a gun to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school since August, police say about a quarter got the weapon from home. They will probably never know how the other students obtained their firearms, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Sgt. Todd Garrett said. Since December, when three guns were found in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools in less than a week, Garrett said police have done all they can to find out how and where the students got them. One... (

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12 April 2004

Associated Press

DURHAM, North Carolina — North Carolina gun laws have some prosecutors frustrated as firearm charges are dismissed against convicted felons. It isn't illegal in North Carolina for convicted felons to carry rifles or shotguns in their vehicles. Nor is it illegal for them to keep multiple guns in their home, as long as the weapons are not fully automatic. "It's quite disturbing," said Assistant District Attorney John Phillips, a gun prosecutor in Durham. "If Charles... (

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12 April 2004

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

The National Rifle Association annual convention, beginning Friday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, will offer an array of events and activities to an expected 60,000 attendees, the largest turnout in the organization's 133 years. Among the events for the convention itself, which runs from Friday through Sunday — the NRA board of directors also will meet here April 19-20 — are the annual member meeting; sessions on carrying concealed weapons, gun... (

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12 April 2004

Los Angeles Times, Opinion

Robert J. Spitzer is a professor of political science at State University of New York at Cortland and author of "The Politics of Gun Control" (Congressional Quarterly Press, 2004). Whether admired or reviled, this much can be said of the National Rifle Assn.: The course of the gun control issue in the U.S. turns directly on its fortunes. Thanks in part to a receptive Bush administration, the organization would seem to be better positioned than at any time in its... (

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12 April 2004


NALCHIK — The action for voluntary surrender of arms will be held in Kabardino-Balkaria from May 1 till June 1. The republic's government confirmed compensations to population for voluntarily laid down arms on Monday. Republic's Prime Minister Gennady Gubin signed the resolution to this effect. Voluntary surrender of arms relieves citizens from criminal responsibility for acquisition and storage of arms, and police should provide confidentiality, the press service... (

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12 April 2004

Scotland on Sunday

The Irish government is to introduce tough new laws to combat spiralling gun violence in the country's cities and towns. It follows a near 10-fold increase in the number of people murdered through violent crime in the Republic in the past 10 years. One of the latest victims was a 65-year-old grandmother who died instantly after being shot in the head in her Dublin house last weekend, apparently the victim of a family feud. Three days later, an English woman on a... (

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12 April 2004

Cybercast News Service, Opinion

In a socialist society increasingly suffering from the politics of envy, filing "Hail Mary" lawsuits for outrageous awards is becoming as popular as playing the lottery and voting for a living. The theory seems to be that if something bad happens to me, somebody should pay me for my suffering, even if they had nothing to do with the loss I suffered. People who live in flood plains and on beachfronts rely on the government sticking its hands in the pockets of taxpayers... (

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