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Gun Policy News, 11 April 2004


11 April 2004

Honolulu Advertiser (Hawaii)

Hawai'i rejected firearm applications at a rate lower then the national average last year as the total number of gun permit applications in the state decreased by almost 3 percent, according to a study released by the Attorney General's office. Hawai'i's 1.7 percent rejection rate is lower then the 2.1 percent figure reported for all state and local agencies conducting background checks for firearm purchases and transfers in 2002. Paul Perrone, chief of Research and... (

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11 April 2004

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

Wall Street stocks and walnut stocks both can be good investments. But the latter are a lot more pleasant to buy and trade. There is nothing new in this concept. Collectors have been backing fine sporting firearms as investments for several centuries. Quality guns have a happy tendency to appreciate in value, and the shooter/hunter who becomes a smart collector seldom regrets the impulse. The key to success is to invest in guns of reputable name in clean, original... (

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11 April 2004

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)

Let's blow a cliche to smithereens, shall we? There is more to the National Rifle Association's annual convention than weapons of death and destruction. This might come as a surprise to the gun-control nuts — those fringe fanatics who actually believe that firearms are, you know, dangerous. But the NRA conference — expected to attract as many as 60,000 people to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center beginning Friday — has a varied agenda that includes... (

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