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Gun Policy News, 10 April 2004


10 April 2004

Treasure Coast Newspapers / Scripps (Florida)

I've always tried to defend the American gun industry against its many enemies, but here lately I'm peeved at the industry myself. What rubs me the wrong way is the unrelenting effort to inundate hunters and shooters with a bewildering array of new cartridges. In just the last half dozen years, at least a score of new rounds have been dumped into a marketplace that was already overcrowded with more cartridges than there could ever possibly be any real need for. I keep... (

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10 April 2004

Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — In what organizers call "the softer side of shooting," a gun convention for women is offering classes ranging from hunting and gun safety to gourmet game cooking and fancy hat making. There was even a pajama party with manicure tips and a shooting scrapbook contest. The Shooting for Women Conference was created for the female gun enthusiast who doesn't enjoy the testosterone-charged environment at most gun events, said Susan Long, editor of... (

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10 April 2004

Florence Times Daily (Alabama)

In Alabama, a child is three times more likely to die from gun violence than a child in the Northeast, an expert at the Harvard School of Public Health says. Decreasing this grim statistic is not just a matter of getting rid of guns, but it is treating them as a public health issue, said David Hemenway, director of Harvard's Injury Control Research Center. The Centers for Disease Control reported in January that most deaths under the age of 40 are caused by an... (

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