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Gun Policy News, 5 April 2004


5 April 2004

Delaware County Daily Times (Pennsylvania), Editorial

Last Wednesday's Daily Times had three stories about guns. One was tragic. One, by some miracle, escaped tragedy. And one was a lesson. The tragedy concerned a Ridley man sentenced to prison in the shooting death of his younger brother. Patrick Sharkey was playing around with a gun when it accidentally went off and killed 12-year-old J.J. The scene at his sentencing was heart wrenching. Family members cried. And there is no reason not to believe the elder Sharkey... (

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5 April 2004

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

A gun amnesty is being considered by the Irish Republic's justice minister in the wake of two violent shootings within two days. Michael McDowell said it would make sense to offer an amnesty as a prelude to issuing tougher penalties for the possession of illegal weapons. Calls for tighter controls and stiffer penalties for arms crime come in the aftermath of the murder of 64-year-old grandmother Joan Casey. The mother of five was fatally shot by masked gunmen who... (

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5 April 2004

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Indiana)

Pass it, and they will come. That has been the response from Ohioans seeking to complete the required firearm training so they can obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun under legislation passed in January. The law will take effect Thursday. One stipulation requires applicants to take 12 hours of firearm safety classes from a licensed instructor or otherwise produce valid documentation of prior firearm training before a permit will be issued. Another... (

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5 April 2004

Chicago Tribune, Opinion

Dennis Byrne is a Chicago-area writer and public affairs consultant Gov. Rod Blagojevich's need to fall back on the "if-you're-old-enough-to-fight-a-war" cliche to justify reducing the state's minimum age to 18 to get a gun owner's permit without parental consent was a sorry admission that he had no argument at all for doing this crazy thing. A person old enough to go to war, the governor said, should be entitled to get a shotgun or rifle in civilian life without... (

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5 April 2004

WHIO-TV News (Ohio)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The right to carry a concealed weapon has been a controversial issue in Ohio for years. The Ohio legislature passed Ohio's first concealed carry bill four months ago and some officials claim the law is flawed. The new conceal and carry law will begin April 8, but many concerned citizens have unanswered questions about the alleged flaws. Some law enforcement agencies recognize the demand for information and are adjusting to address concerns. In... (

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