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Gun Policy News, 28 March 2004


28 March 2004

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

On the streets of Pittsburgh, they call it the "chopper." It's the AK-47 assault rifle, a favorite of the gangster set. "They're still at a premium," said William Mullen, deputy police chief. "It's the street mentality. It strikes fear in everyone." In the gang wars of the early 1990s, the AK-47 turned up frequently in shootings. No more. New ones were banned for 10 years starting in 1994, along with 18 other assault-style weapons and magazines holding more than 10... (

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28 March 2004

USA Today

As of today, 281 American soldiers have been killed by hostile fire in Iraq since the end of major combat operations May 1. A total of 114 U.S. soldiers were killed between the start of the war March 20, 2003, and the end of April. Iraq update BAGHDAD, Iraq — As recently as three weeks ago, there was no shortage of dealers openly entertaining offers for grenades, mortars, AK-47s and a variety of handguns, all within a mile of coalition headquarters. After the fall... (

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28 March 2004

Chicago Sun-Times

On Easter Sunday last year, 7-year-old Ashlee Poole took advantage of a warm day and sat on her South Side front porch to eat candy with her cousin. Then bullets started flying. As Ashlee ran through her front door to escape, one caught her, slicing into her right side and out. She is still recovering today, as she nears her 8th birthday and the first Easter since the shooting. The cost of this can be measured in fear and confusion, such as Ashlee's lingering worry... (

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28 March 2004

Jamaica Observer

Police have seized 300 firearms believed to have been issued to shady characters and are investigating six former commanding officers at the height of an islandwide probe into the corrupt issuing of gun licences, the Sunday Observer has learnt. The implicated officers have all been relegated to the Inspection Branch, a division of the constabulary referred to as "Never Never Land" where cops who are suspected of breaching force regulations are sent to be forgotten in... (

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28 March 2004

St Petersburg Times (Florida), Editorial

The National Rifle Association isn't the only special interest to write its own laws in the Legislature, but it could be the most audacious. Consider this NRA-inspired language in gun registry legislation passed by the Senate: "A list, record or registry of legally owned firearms or law-abiding firearm owners is not a tool for fighting terrorism," begins the bill (SB 1152) that will hamper police agencies' ability to keep records of gun sales through pawn shops. So in... (

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28 March 2004

St Petersburg Times (Florida)

A year ago, leaders of the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation signed a pledge to protect the environment from lead pollution at gun ranges. "Today's signing demonstrates that our commitment to protecting the environment is just as strong as our commitment to our shooting heritage and Second Amendment rights," NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre said in a February 2003 statement issued in Orlando. Six months later, though, the NRA... (

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28 March 2004

Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)

More than 21,000 guns have been taken off the streets and destroyed by police ballistics specialists during the past six months. About 17,000 weapons have been collected under the State Government's gun amnesty and buyback schemes, which started in October and are scheduled to end on June 30. Some 4452 others were seized by police or found at crime scenes across the state. NSW Police Minister John Watkins said more than $16.5 million in compensation had been paid out... (

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