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Gun Policy News, 26 March 2004


26 March 2004

ABC News (Australia)

Police say they have uncovered a misunderstanding by firearm owners of their right to sell their gun. A firearms audit by the New England local area command has uncovered registered owners who believe they can sell their weapon to another licence holder. Police say it is against the law. Under firearms laws, the sale of firearms can only be arranged through a licensed firearms dealer, or if it is witnessed by an authorised police officer where there is not a dealer... (

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Afrique du Sud

26 March 2004

Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)

While anti-gun lobbyists are applauding the South African Police Service (SAPS) for its efforts in recovering lost and stolen guns, it has emerged that the police are incapable of looking after recovered guns in their possession. This is one finding of research conducted by the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa) on behalf of Gun Free South Africa (GFSA), undertaken in 14 police stations in five provinces between July and October last year. Released this... (

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26 March 2004

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — Gun rights advocates say being old enough to serve in the military and vote means a person should be able to buy a gun without parental permission, but their opponents say lowering the age requirement poses safety concerns. Two bills, one in the Illinois House and one in the Senate, passed last week would allow 18-year-olds to get a firearm owners identification card without parental consent. Current law says anyone under 21 must have a... (

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26 March 2004

San Francisco Chronicle

R.L."Larry" Wilson knows this about women: they aren't afraid to pull the trigger. The San Francisco author and firearms expert is out with what he says is the first book to tell the whole truth about females' natural, historical, existentially joyful affinity for firearms. In "Silk and Steel: Women at Arms," Wilson has collected thousands of bits of documentary evidence from his 35 years in the field to prove that women and weapons have been inseparable since the... (

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