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Gun Policy News, 14 March 2004


14 March 2004

Toronto Star (Ontario), Editorial

Are some Ontario judges too easy on people charged with gun crimes? Perhaps. Toronto police Chief Julian Fantino has complained about an "in-and-out" revolving door legal system that too easily grants criminals bail, and freedom. Citing statistics collected by his officers, Fantino estimates 84 per cent of people arrested for gun-related offences in Toronto are career criminals. That suggests judges should think long and hard before granting bail. Moreover, a series... (

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14 March 2004

Sunday Mirror (UK)

AS the saga surrounding the capture of 67 terrorists at the Harare International Airport on Sunday evening dramatically unravels, a UK-based research institute has established that the British government is abetting the trafficking of small arms into conflict zones in Africa. The institute, Africa Strategy, says about 142 mercenary companies based in Britain — including Sandline International, which succeeded the notorious Executive Outcomes that employed some... (

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