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Gun Policy News, 11 March 2004


11 March 2004

Canadian Press

TORONTO — The Ontario government hopes to persuade judges to hand out harsher sentences for any criminals who use guns, Attorney General Michael Bryant said Wednesday. "What we're going to put before the court is evidence of the extent of gun crime and the number of guns that are on the streets of Toronto," Bryant said at the Ontario legislature. "This will be used as a tool to help us have the court consider how serious this problem is," he added. The province is... (

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11 March 2004

Washington Post

Just months before he was gunned down by the D.C. sniper on Georgia Avenue, 72-year-old Pascal Charlot had a painful conversation with his wife about what would happen if he died. She was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and asked him who would take care of her if he were gone. Charlot, a Haitian-born carpenter, was now a retiree and his wife's chief caregiver. He had tears in his eyes as he later told his best friend and cousin about the conversation, and... (

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11 March 2004

Birmingham Post (UK)

The mother of teenager Letisha Shakespeare, who was gunned down in Birmingham last year, yesterday warned parents: "It could be you tomorrow". Marcia Shakespeare claimed the growing gun crime problem in the city was something that should concern everyone. Letisha and her cousin Charlene died when gunmen opened fire on revellers outside a New Year party in Aston last year. Six men have been charged with their murder and are due to stand trial on April 2. Ms... (

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11 March 2004

San Diego Union-Tribune (California)

An alleged plot by two 14-year-old boys to gun down a teacher at Palm Middle School has sent a shudder through Lemon Grove. Thanks to tips from other students, school officials were able to notify sheriff's deputies, who apprehended the teens last Friday after school and confiscated a .25 caliber, fully loaded semiautomatic handgun. The weapon, found by a school social worker, was hidden beneath a bush on campus grounds. According to Lt. Dennis Ferons, this was not... (

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11 March 2004

New Britain Herald (USA)

NEWINGTON — Some local gun merchants reacted negatively after gun control measures, requiring new permits and the report of stolen firearms, won support in the legislature Monday. The Judiciary Committee of the state House of Representatives endorsed a bill that would force sellers of "long guns," or guns with barrels sixteen inches and longer, to endure the same permit process that sellers of handguns must undergo. Currently, sellers of long guns do not need a... (

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11 March 2004

Times (UK)

The father of a victim of the Dunblane Primary School shootings, in which 16 children and their teacher died, has added his voice to calls for a fresh public inquiry into the tragedy. Mick North lost his daughter Sophie, 5, on March 13, 1996, when Thomas Hamilton burst into the school gym and opened fire on a class of four and five-year-olds during their PE lesson with Gwen Mayor, who also died. Dr North said yesterday that his concerns about the public inquiry into... (

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