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Gun Policy News, 10 March 2004


10 March 2004

ABC News (Australia)

It has been claimed western NSW police officers are being forced to put off their ordinary duties in order to complete a firearms audit. A spokesman for the New South Wales Police Association, Mick Hilder, says the audit is a lengthy process in the western district because most landholders own several guns. He says in order to complete the task on time, highway patrol officers are neglecting their real job. "It simply takes them off their core duty of patrolling the... (

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10 March 2004


The secret induction ceremony in the basement of the lodge on Monday night was only supposed to frighten William James, and build trust between the burly father of five and his fellow members of the Southside Masonic Temple by letting him think he was placing his life in their hands. There were large rat traps, which James, 47, was made to place his nose beside. A six-foot replica guillotine. And a plank he would be forced down, as if walking off the side of a... (

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10 March 2004

Guardian (UK)

The Conservative leader, Michael Howard, has been urged to sack Patrick Mercer, his frontbench spokesman on home security, after the MP attacked the UK's handgun ban and suggested children in rural areas should be taught to handle firearms. Mr Mercer made the comments at a fringe meeting at the Tories' spring conference at the weekend. He was quoted as saying that banning handguns because people got shot was like banning cars because people were killed in road... (

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10 March 2004

Associated Press

State senators rejected an attempt Tuesday to make public the names of Missourians who receive concealed guns permits, while endorsing a bill that could make it cheaper to obtain other government records. Missouri's concealed guns law — just beginning to be implemented by some sheriffs — keeps secret the names of people approved for permits. Senators voted 19-13 against an amendment that would have required sheriffs to keep lists of permit holders and release them... (

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10 March 2004

Washington Post

Police officers George Young and Sylvester Garvin III were on routine patrol last month in the District when they detained a juvenile who was driving without a seat belt. Asked for his driver's license, the boy took off — only to be caught again. "We asked him why he ran," Young recalled. "He said, 'I have a gun.' " In fact, the boy, who is 14, had two guns: a Mac-11 semiautomatic handgun and a .380 semiautomatic pistol, both fully loaded. Since the arrest Feb.... (

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10 March 2004

Morning Sun (Kansas), Opinion

Some Kansans feel we would all be safer if we could just carry concealed guns. Some feel that by packing a concealed weapon, we can curb crime, protect ourselves and our families in the face of danger and, in the end, make our world a safer place. We feel, however, that these Kansans are dangerously wrong. Last week, a bill which would allow some Kansas residents to carry concealed handguns was tentatively approved by the Kansas House in a 78-43 vote, a margin which... (

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10 March 2004

News Press

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — Keeping lists of gun owners who get their weapons from pawnshops or secondhand dealers would be prohibited under a bill that passed the Florida House on Tuesday. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Lindsay Harrington, R-Punta Gorda, passed 81-35, and now goes to the Senate, where sponsor Sen. Durell Peaden, R-Crestview, will shepherd it through the process. Harrington said he's been working with key senators as well as law enforcement on the... (

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10 March 2004

Philadelphia Inquirer

Testifying before a City Council committee yesterday in favor of a series of gun-control bills, Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson said that most of the city's homicides were committed with guns and called gun violence "one of the most serious crises facing our great city." At yesterday's hearing before Council's Public Safety Committee, Johnson said that in 2003, there were 348 homicides in Philadelphia, of which 273 — or nearly 80 percent — were committed... (

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10 March 2004

Rolling Stone

Bull's eye shooter supply, a great barn of a building in Tacoma, Washington, sells everything from air rifles to the Bushmaster XM15 semiautomatic rifle, a kind of high-class M-16. Upstairs, you can try a gun before you buy it at one of twelve indoor shooting lanes, where children under 12 yrs shoot free when accompanied by adult. For a building that contains enough firepower to overthrow Kim Jong Il, security is remarkably lax. "It's pretty amazing," says Richard Van... (

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10 March 2004

Vladivostok News

The Far Eastern military prosecutor's office has launched a criminal investigation concerning a theft of 79 firearms from a weapons depot belonging to Special Forces military unit located in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. Six servicemen suspected of stealing a sniper rifle, 17 machine-guns and 61 Kalashnikov guns have been detained and are at present being questioned, Primorye Television channel cited a spokesman for Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs Vasily... (

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