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Gun Policy News, 5 March 2004


5 March 2004

New Britain Herald (USA)

WASHINGTON — When the Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to kill a bill that would have freed gun manufacturers and distributors from liability in many civil lawsuits, several gun control measures the Senate included also died. Now, some Democratic senators, including Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, say they intend to try to attach those measures as amendments to other legislation this year. Lieberman was one of the sponsors of legislation that would require... (

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5 March 2004


CHISINAU — President of the breakaway Dnestr region of Moldova Igor Smirnov admitted the production of small batches of weapons for the needs of the region, but denied any arms trade. "Dnestr enterprises produced small batches of products of military designation" for the armed forces of the self-proclaimed republic. "However we never traded the products, as we lack them for our own needs", Smirnov said Thursday. He was replying to concerns voiced in Chisinau... (

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5 March 2004

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Editorial

Those who say that negotiating with the gun lobby is like making a deal with the devil owe the archfiend an apology. For months, the National Rifle Association has lobbied hard for passage of a bill that would make the gun industry immune to civil lawsuits. The measure — the NRA's top legislative priority — had already passed the House, and this week was close to passage in the Senate as well, until NRA lobbyists stepped in at the last minute and ordered that the... (

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5 March 2004


MANILA — Philippine police and soldiers have seized explosives and firearms from a man who said he planned to deliver the weapons to a buyer in a Muslim neighbourhood of the capital. The arrest comes amid heightened security ahead of national elections on May 10 and an investigation into claims, scorned by the government, that the Abu Sayyaf group of Muslim rebels was responsible for a deadly fire on a Manila ferry a week ago. Security forces arrested the... (

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5 March 2004

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul)

Political firepower was brought to bear against Minnesota's handgun law Thursday when a former vice president and a former governor from opposing parties signed on as cochairmen of the movement to repeal it. Walter Mondale, a Democrat, and Arne Carlson, a Republican, described the law, which in nine months has led to the issuance of more than 17,000 permits to carry firearms in public, as a step backward for the state and a sign of an unraveling civil society. The... (

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5 March 2004

This Day (Lagos)

Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Martin Luther Agwai, has been petitioned by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) over alleged continued abuse of firearms by soldiers deployed to maintain peace on the streets of Effurun and Warri, Delta State. In the petition addressed to the Army Chief, the Nigerian Bar Association, Warri branch recalled that there have been several incidents of death and near death of civilians that indicate that peace keeping troops in the area had... (

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5 March 2004

Evansville Courier & Press (Indiana)

INDIANAPOLIS — Gun owners in Indiana will be shielded from civil lawsuits if their guns are stolen and then used in a crime, according to an act the House approved in the waning hours of the 2004 short session. The act now goes to Gov. Joe Kernan for review. The bill stems from a court case in Allen County where parents left a gun sitting under a chair cushion. Their son, who had repeated felony convictions, took it and shot and killed a police officer. The... (

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5 March 2004

Toronto Star (Ontario)

With the latest violence in Scarborough leaving two dead and two more badly wounded by bullets, police, politicians and a pastor yesterday responded to Toronto's rising gun and gang-related crime with solutions ranging from stiffer sentences to praying in the streets. So far this year there have been 11 slayings, eight from shootings. At the same time last year there were seven homicides, three of them gun-related. The violence coincided with previously scheduled... (

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5 March 2004

Contra Costa Times (California)

Firearms experts have determined that all eight vehicles hit with gunfire last week on Interstate 580 were struck by the same caliber firearm. Also, investigators of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives involved in the case are using a relatively new tool in the search for a suspect — a nationwide database that links firearms and crimes that may point them to the I-580 firearm. Authorities believe the person responsible may have been upset... (

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5 March 2004

Richmond and Twickenham Times (UK)

Members of the public had opportunity to sign an anti-gun declaration' board this week, displayed in Twickenham's Civic Centre. It is a pledge to support the Metropolitan Police's campaign against gun crime, sending a clear message that its elimination is a high priority for London's residents, businesses and crime-fighting agencies. Among the first people to sign the board in Twickenham last Friday were the Mayor of Richmond upon Thames, Cllr Nicola Urquhart; Council... (

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