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Gun Policy News, 1 March 2004


1 March 2004

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Doug Hattaway tells a cautionary tale for the candidates of 2004 from the annals of the last campaign. Al Gore's presidential campaign spokesman was flying over the candidate's home state of Tennessee in 2000 when he overheard this complaint from a couple of men talking in business class: "The problem with Al Gore is he'll take our guns away." "I knew we were in trouble," said Hattaway. When he heard that exchange, he realized the rap against... (

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1 March 2004

Daily Statesman

Many of Missouri's sheriff's departments are in a state of limbo following Thursday's Missouri Supreme Court decision to uphold the constitutionality of a state law allowing concealed weapons. Sheriff's departments have been granted the authority to begin issuing permits, but there is still confusion surrounding the funding regarding applicant fingerprint checks. Stoddard County Sheriff Steve Fish said although he has the authority to begin issuing permits, he is... (

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1 March 2004

Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St Paul), Editorial

It's called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act, but it isn't about fair business practice. In reality, this sorry piece of legislation just protects gun manufacturers and dealers from responsibility. The ill-conceived measure, which is headed for passage by the U.S. Senate this week and has already been approved by the House, would bar most civil lawsuits against gun makers, importers and dealers. Proponents argue that firearm manufacturers make legal... (

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1 March 2004

Washington Times

WASHINGTON — Supporters of extending a federal ban on the sale of assault weapons believe they may have the votes needed to ensure it stays in place. The Senate faces a tough vote Tuesday on whether to extend the ban, but Senate aides remain optimistic about extending the 10-year old ban despite the strong efforts of industry lobbyists and the National Rifle Associations to block the move. While the overriding bill — a measure blocking certain civil liability... (

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1 March 2004

Chronicle (Lilongwe)

LILONGWE, Malawi — The Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation [CHRR] is extremely concerned at the conduct by the Police on Sunday 22 February, 2004 at Njamba Freedom Park where they shot and injured two persons whilst forcibly dispensing the people during an opposition political rally. A primary function of policing is to maintain or restore social order. The state relies on the police, or the military in extreme cases to suppress civil disturbance which... (

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1 March 2004

Times of Central Asia

KYRGYZSTAN — A new report counters preconceptions that Central Asia is a "hotbed of gun proliferation and misuse." The study uses Kyrgyzstan as a case study and finds that, despite suffering from socio-economic problems and ethnic tensions, there is little evidence that this has led to increasing violence and gun proliferation. Neil MacFarlane is a professor of international relations at Oxford University in Britain and the co-author of the report, titled "Kyrgyzstan:... (

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1 March 2004

East African (Nairobi), Opinion

The continuing crisis in northern Uganda is beginning to look nastily like a deliberate policy of the Ugandan government. It is hard to escape that conclusion if you take a look at the facts and the different official strategies that the government of President Yoweri Museveni has deployed over the past 18 years, supposedly to bring an end to the terrorism of the rebel Lord's Resistance Army. Although the Ugandan army, the UPDF, is doing an admirable job and many... (

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