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Gun Policy News, 10 January 2004


10 January 2004

Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Guns in the house of God? Unsurprisingly, clergy in Utah aren't fond of the idea. But nearly four dozen leaders of Utah churches and synagogues say they also don't want to be forced to have a notice posted on a state-run Web site that announces they have placed a ban on firearms for their sanctuaries. The interfaith alliance says a state law requiring that they notify state officials if they impose a gun ban constitutes undue government... (

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10 January 2004

Toronto Sun (Ontario), Opinion

Arguably, the most useless boondoggle ever implemented by a Canadian government is gun registration — a step towards confiscation. It's not the horrendous cost of nearly $1 billion (so far) that's the scandal — shucks, governments waste that all the time, witness our submarines that leak. It's that gun control may actually increase violent crime. The feds already fudge figures to pretend it works. A new book in the U.S. by Richard Poe, The Seven Myths of Gun... (

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