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Gun Policy News, 30 December 2002


30 December 2002

CFCNplus (Canada)

Gunowners said they can't register their intent to register their firearms. They have less than 24 hours to indicate their intent, but many can't get through by phone, fax or on the Internet. Calgary gun owners trying to indicate intent to register have been frustrated after getting a busy signal or the line just automatically hangs up on them. James Cox, president of The Shooting Edge, a Calgary indoor shooting range, said he can't even reach officials to ask them... (

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30 December 2002

London Free Press (Ontario)

Some Canadian gun owners say they are planning to give themselves up to Mounties in the new year to protest the federal gun registry taking effect Jan. 1. Here in London, many people will simply not register their guns in protest, a local expert says. But Jack Parkinson, who closed Parkinson Gun Shop earlier this year, said he's already been to two protests on Parliament Hill and it's too late for demonstrations. "We've already fought it as hard as we can. The bill... (

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30 December 2002

Edmonton Sun (Alberta)

Support is growing across Canada for a group of gun owners determined to march — guns in hand — to the doors of Parliament in protest of Canada's gun registry laws. Led by Jarvie's 70-year-old Jim Turnbull, president of the Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association, a small troupe of gun owners plans to burn gun licences and registration papers on Parliament Hill New Year's Day. "We're going to post a proclamation on the doors of Parliament," Turnbull... (

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30 December 2002

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

The word is out — Kool Aid is not coming home for a long, long time. Nothing but a gun in hand cost him 15 years in federal prison. That's all it took for James "Kool Aid" Clinton and a new state-federal program to catch the attention of criminals across Central Florida. "Pretty much stunned and shocked is the reaction we've been getting," said Seminole-Brevard Assistant State Attorney Philip G. Archer. "They're amazed that the federal authorities are messing with... (

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