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Gun Policy News, 23 December 2002


23 December 2002

Baltimore Sun

BALTIMORE — The BB gun is a traditional Christmas gift that always has come wrapped in a certain risk. Now, the toy carries a threat that has nothing to do with putting an eye out: a $500 fine and two months in jail. It is a misdemeanor in Baltimore to sell or give a BB gun to anyone younger than age 18, under an ordinance adopted by the City Council this month. In one of America's most deadly cities, where juvenile homicides are up 50% this year compared with last,... (

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23 December 2002

San Francisco Chronicle

Just before it became illegal to own military-style assault weapons in California about three years ago, Gary Gorski went shopping. The suburban Sacramento lawyer already had one high-powered rifle sitting in his home safe, but he rushed out to buy seven more. Just on principle. He consulted gun advocates — what were they going to do about this ban, what advice did they have? — but no one pledged support. So, by himself, he hunkered down in his small office and... (

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23 December 2002

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Editorial

Using a gun to take the law into your own hands is, as two Puget Sound-area men have recently learned, not only dangerous but also potentially illegal. On Dec. 14, a Tacoma man chased and fatally shot a teenager who stole a car from in front of his house. Wednesday, the same day the Tacoma man was charged with manslaughter in that case, a Puyallup video store owner gave chase in his car to shoplifters and fired several shots at the suspects as they escaped. He was... (

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