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Gun Policy News, 22 December 2002


22 December 2002

Washington Post

If youngsters in Carrollton, Tex., have visions of shiny spurs, fringed chaps and convincing six-shooters this Christmas, they may be out of luck. That is, at least as far as guns go. The city, a suburb of Dallas, recently beefed up its firearms ordinance to ban minors from brandishing toy guns that look too real. Realistic toy guns are often used in hold-ups, and for years have concerned the nation's police officers. But in recent months, Carrollton Police Chief David... (

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22 December 2002


LONDON — Activists dumped hundreds of cardboard AK-47 rifles outside the office of a British minister Friday to call for greater checks on British gunrunners selling arms in Third World war zones. The British-based charity Oxfam, which organized the protest outside the office of Trade and Industry Minister Patricia Hewitt, said a handful of British arms brokers and shippers were moving the equivalent of 195 AK-47 assault rifles a day. "You have the irony that... (

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22 December 2002

Canadian Press

MAITLAND — Edward Hatch received the registration numbers for 12 guns from the federal government in his mail last week. The problem is the Nova Scotian says he only has 11. Hatch has been calling the Canadian Firearms Processing Centre in Miramichi, N.B., all week in a futile effort to talk to someone about the oversight. "I don't know how many times … maybe 35 times or more I called," the hunter and trapper said yesterday from his home. Hatch, like many other... (

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22 December 2002

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

The National Firearms Association has been sharply critical of the financial mismanagement of the federal firearms registry. But an accountant's report shows the Edmonton- based organization has its own problems handling its finances. Conflict over the problems have caused a rift within the organization that has ended up in the courts. The report by Calgary accountant Harry Ziel reveals that the federal government issued arbitrary tax assessments against the NFA for... (

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22 December 2002

Sun Herald (Sydney)

It is the great conundrum in Ken Moroney's short tenure at the top of the NSW police — has he curbed Sydney's crime rate? There is no statistical evidence. The official figures aren't expected before March. But after the Sydney shootings seven days ago, there is a perception of a city with a gun culture. And it is growing. In three incidents involving guns, the 48-hour horror tally ended with two dead, three wounded and one young man in a critical condition and... (

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