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Gun Policy News, 20 December 2002


20 December 2002

Financial Times (UK)

Armed police officers will be placed on some UK commercial flights as a deterrent against terrorist attacks despite airline concerns about the presence of guns on aircraft. Alistair Darling, transport secretary, said yesterday that a capability had been developed to allow the use of covert specially trained armed police officers on UK flights, "should that be warranted". He said the capability "now exists" and was "a sensible and measured addition to the range of... (

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20 December 2002

BBC News

Campaigners have dumped 1,000 cardboard "guns" outside the office of Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt. Amnesty International and Oxfam supporters hope to pressure her to close loopholes in legislation being drawn up to prevent Britons selling guns to conflict zones. Oxfam claims British arms dealers have shipped or brokered more than 1,200 tons of military equipment to war zones since Labour came to power. The cardboard cut-outs of AK-47 guns carried... (

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20 December 2002

Streatham Guardian (UK)

More armed police patrols are hitting Lambeth's streets after a record increase in guns seized by police. The Met has identified five key areas in London including Lambeth where there will be three more armed response vehicles in action from January and 20 specialist firearms officers by April. The Met also intends to increase the Serious and Organised Crime Command shooting team (SO7) by 16 officers by April. The moves are being made in response to a steep rise in... (

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20 December 2002

Australian (Sydney)

New government regulations have been implemented to restrict certain handguns and handgun parts to sports shooters, Justice Minister Chris Ellison said today. Senator Ellison said the new regulations, which were agreed to at a recent Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting, meant the importation of certain handguns and handgun parts would be prohibited from today following an amendment to the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956. "The Commonwealth... (

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20 December 2002

ABC News (USA)

On the one hand, he is the towering actor who starred in some of the biggest films of the 20th century — The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes. On the other hand, Heston has become one of the country's most polarizing figures as the fiery spokesman for the National Rifle Association. In August, Heston, now 79, announced that he was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He invited Peter Jennings to his home for what may be his last opportunity to go on... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

20 December 2002

St Catharines Standard (Canada)

The Chinese Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu, who lived hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, is credited with the proverb "The more laws you create, the more criminals you make." That's certainly true with regard to the federal gun registration plan. The Dec. 31 deadline for the billion-dollar program is fast approaching, with hundreds of thousands of Canadian gun owners scrambling to avoid penalty. But the shocking aspect of the most recent estimates is that... (

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20 December 2002

Guardian (UK)

The Home Office is considering the introduction of a minimum five-year jail term for the possession of firearms in a public place because of significant increases in the availability and use of a variety of lethal weapons. The move is being urged by the police who have complained to home secretary, David Blunkett, that judges routinely give community service or short prison sentences to gun carriers. The Home Office said yesterday that Mr Blunkett felt there "was good... (

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20 December 2002

Chicago Tribune

TORONTO, Canada — When Marc Lepine used a semiautomatic rifle to kill 14 female students at a Canadian university in 1989, the government responded by promising the world's toughest gun registration system at a cost of just $1.3 million. But the system remains incomplete and error-ridden, with a projected cost of $640 million. The "Montreal Massacre," as Lepine's rampage at Ecole Polytechnique was known, shocked Canadians, and politicians responded by toughening the... (

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20 December 2002

Associated Press

VAESTERAAS, Sweden — A Swedish court sentenced a former hijacking suspect Friday to four months in prison for weapons violations, saying he hadn't intentionally brought a gun to an airport in August. The district court in Vaesteraas said Kerim Chatty's explanation that he had forgotten the gun in his carryon luggage couldn't be dismissed. The 29-year-old was arrested Aug. 29 at the airport in Vaesteraas, about 60 miles west of Stockholm, after security officials... (

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20 December 2002

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Twenty-four of the 27 soldiers charged with mutiny over the Moem Barracks siege earlier this year have been found guilty. Defence Force Judge Justice Gibbs Salika found three — Private Jimmy Iwira and Corporals Kila Lalai and Timbie Walome — not guilty. The three were told the good news separately from the other 24. They took it soberly and shook hands with their colleagues as they exited the crowded courtroom just before 12.30pm yesterday. "I'm feeling... (

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