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Gun Policy News, 19 December 2002


19 December 2002

Financial Post (Canada)

"We have provided our estimate of the cost of implementing universal gun registration over the next five years. We say that it will cost $85-million. We encourage the members opposite to examine our estimates. We are confident we will demonstrate that the figures are realistic and accurate." — then Minister of Justice and creator of the registry, Allan Rock, in Hansard on Feb. 16, 1995. Canadian Alliance critic Garry Breitkreuz warned at that time that the cost would... (

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19 December 2002

Arlington Advocate (Massachusetts)

ARLINGTON, Massachusetts — A Pleasant Street man shot and killed himself at a firing range in the basement of PSMG Gun Co. on Park Avenue Friday. Police and medical personnel converged on the scene after Chris Chao, 28, 201 Pleasant St., suffered a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head shortly after 4 p.m. Friday. Chao, who was unlicensed, allegedly shot himself after the store's owner, Paul Giragosian, left the range. With guns drawn, officers entered the... (

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19 December 2002

Winnipeg Sun (Manitoba)

Gun collector Terry Gale faces 85 charges involving an arsenal of weapons found in his Fort Rouge home. Winnipeg police seized 335 weapons during a raid in November at 1060 Dudley Ave. — but 34 registered firearms were missing from the collection. The missing weapons include six fully-automatic machine-guns, several handguns and other firearms. "Only because these ones are registered we know they're out there. Who knows how many from the collection that aren't... (

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19 December 2002

Winnipeg Free Press (Manitoba), Opinion

It's slightly ironic that just as a satiric movie documentary called Bowling for Columbine skewers the rampant use of guns in the United States, we witness an effort by the neo-conservative opposition in Parliament, pro-gun lobbies and their media acolytes to use the spending problems of the gun registry as a pretext to trash the entire Canadian system of gun control. The auditor-general was perfectly right to expose the cost overruns and, in particular, the lack of... (

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19 December 2002


LONDON — London gangsters are arming themselves with handguns modeled on the famous Walther PPK used by James Bond as the British capital experiences a worrying surge in gun crime, the city's police chief said on Thursday. "There is no 'street cred' in a sawn-off shotgun for the majority of today's armed criminals," London police Commissioner Sir John Stevens told reporters. "Handguns, particularly those modeled on the James Bond Walther PPK — real and replica —... (

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19 December 2002

Canadian Press

STELLARTON, Nova Scotia — Allister Muir says he'll risk going to jail rather than register his gun. Gently holding his lever-action Browning deer rifle, the 46-year-old pizzeria owner and longtime hunter stands in his living room before the neatly decorated Christmas tree and the rows of photos of his three children. In just over a week, the Canadian Firearms Centre wants the heavyset Nova Scotian and an estimated 2.3 million other firearms owners to have applied to... (

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19 December 2002

Los Angeles Times

The City Council gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a plan that would extend the deadline for some Los Angeles businesses to pay new, higher fees for police permits. But the council declined to delay the current Dec. 31 due date for gun dealers. City officials said they have received hundreds of calls and letters from holders of police permits protesting fee increases of more than 1,000% in many cases. As a result, the council tentatively agreed to extend the... (

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