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Gun Policy News, 18 December 2002


18 December 2002

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion

Get ready for a knock-down-drag-out fight in America's high courts over the rights of gun ownership. This month Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote an opinion in which he argued that gun ownership is not an individual right but a "collective" right. He's not the first judge to come to that opinion, but his writings essentially throw down the gauntlet before an earlier appeals court ruling that found gun ownership to be an individual... (

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18 December 2002

Asheville Citizen-Times (North Carolina)

HENDERSONVILLE, North Carolina — A 14-year-old boy, charged with a juvenile petition for involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of his 16-year-old friend stood quietly in a Henderson County courtroom Wednesday afternoon and entered what amounts to a guilty plea for the crime. The teen, a slight-figured boy, spoke only in response to the judge's questions, saying quietly either "Yes sir" or "No sir." Because he is a juvenile, the Citizen-Times is withholding... (

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18 December 2002

Albany Times-Union (New York), Editorial

It now turns out that the sniper attacks in the Washington area last October might have been prevented if only Congress had closed a loophole in the nation's gun laws. It's imperative that the loophole be closed now. During the harrowing days of the siege, federal, state and local police agencies tried desperately to trace the weapon used in the attacks by examining ballistics evidence found at various shooting scenes. But they found nothing of use in the databases... (

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18 December 2002


More than 50 firearms were stolen from an Oklahoma City man's residence last weekend, according to police. William Scott Garner, 26, discovered Sunday that his home in the 4300 block of Avalon Court had been burglarized, police said. Among the stolen items were six shotguns, eight rifles and 40 handguns. Garner told police he inherited the guns after his father, a pawn shop owner in Altus, was killed during a robbery earlier this year, according to a police... (

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18 December 2002

Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California — Nearly 1.7 million guns have been stolen nationwide in the last decade, more than 150,000 of them in California alone, according to a report Wednesday by gun-safety advocates. California ranks first nationally in guns made and sold — and gun thefts, according to the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation. But because it also has the largest population, it ranks 29th in guns stolen per resident despite the 153,140 guns stolen in California in... (

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18 December 2002

Nottingham Evening Post (UK)

The memory of Brendon Lawrence burns bright in the minds of the people of St Ann's — ten months after he was gunned down in the street. In solidarity with his family, 100 people last night attended a candlelit vigil at the spot in Watkin Street where the 16-year-old was murdered. As a ghetto blaster played a rap song dedicated to Brendon, his close friend Junior Gaye, 17, said: "The photos, the music: that's all we have left." Dozens of appeal posters bearing... (

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18 December 2002

New York Daily News

You think crime is bad in New York? Try living in Provo. As in Provo, Utah. Or San Diego, Denver or Seattle — just to name a few of the 196 cities whose crime rate per capita is worse than New York's. "You might want to stop a cop in the street and say thank you," Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday. "We are all safer because of the men and women of the NYPD." The city has made great strides in its decade-long war against crime; the image of New York as a dangerous,... (

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