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Gun Policy News, 17 December 2002


17 December 2002

Washington Post

A D.C. Superior Court judge yesterday dismissed a lawsuit filed by the D.C. government and victims of gun violence against the nation's major firearms makers and distributors, dealing a blow to city officials and gun control advocates. In the first case of its kind in the District, Judge Cheryl M. Long ruled that the lawsuit was so fundamentally flawed and unpersuasive that it failed to meet the standard for moving forward. The judge tossed out claims to hold the gun... (

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17 December 2002

Australian Associated Press

Armed air marshals will soon patrol Qantas flights to and from Singapore under the first agreement with a foreign government to expand the program to international flights. Justice Minister Chris Ellison has been negotiating with Singapore, Indonesia and the United States to allow undercover air marshals to fly in foreign skies. He reached an in-principle agreement with Singapore ahead of a regional conference in Bali on money-laundering and blocking finance to... (

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17 December 2002

New Jersey Star-Ledger

Five years after it was first introduced in the Legislature as a futuristic way to protect children from shooting accidents, the Senate yesterday gave final legislative approval to a bill that would make New Jersey the first state to require the sale of handguns that can only be fired by their owners. The upper house approved the the bill, which would mandate "smart gun" technology — once it is developed. The measure passed, 29-5, with 6 abstentions. Gov. James E.... (

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17 December 2002

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

Nearly a year after the arrest of a night custodian in the theft of 151 pistols from a storage room in the St. Clair County Courthouse, 137 are still missing. Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Thornton and the deputy in charge of the case, Scott Weymouth, said they expect more to surface in time. But Belleville Police Chief Terry Delaney, a former U.S. marshal and Illinois State Police detective, said that based on his 42 years in law enforcement, most of the pistols have probably... (

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17 December 2002

New York Times

TRENTON, New Jersey — The State Senate gave overwhelming approval today to a measure that would make New Jersey the first state to require that new handguns be equipped with devices preventing anyone but the recognized user from firing. The bill, which Gov. James E. McGreevey has promised to sign, will take effect only after user-identification technology becomes commercially available — a contingency that the bill's opponents say makes the legislation... (

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17 December 2002

Philippine Sun Star (Iloilo)

Senior Supt. Felix Muchada yesterday aired the alarm of the Port Operations Coordinating Council or Pocco, the waterfront superbody, over the latest killing in the area of an 8-year-old boy. Muchada's outfit, Task Force Waterfront, is the peace keeping force of Pocco at the waterfront. He observed that the assailant must have used a firearm with a telescopic sight and silencer. "Which makes him an extremely dangerous sniper, as he could fire at will without being... (

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17 December 2002

United Press International

WASHINGTON — Columbia University's Board of Trustees has rescinded a major prize its selection committee had awarded to an author despite early red flags that his book on gun-ownership rights was based on flawed research. On Friday, the university announced that its trustees had voted to rescind the prestigious Bancroft Prize given in April 2001 to former Emory University history Professor Michael Bellesiles for his book "Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun... (

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17 December 2002

USA Today

WASHINGTON — Guns are more likely to be stolen in states with high crime rates, large numbers of gun owners and where laws are lacking on safe storage of firearms, according to a study released Wednesday. The report by the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation says nearly 1.7 million firearms were reported to police as stolen from January 1993 through August 2002. The number of guns stolen per year has declined, from 221,322 reported in 1993 to 138,035 in 2001, the... (

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