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Gun Policy News, 15 December 2002


15 December 2002

Toronto Star (Ontario)

LONDON — Thousands of rifles that may have been bound for Vancouver were seized in an Italian port because they're capable of launching grenades, Italian police say. "They're war weapons," said Antonio Militello, police chief in the southern Italian port of Gioia Tauro where the shipment was seized. "All of them have the ability to launch grenades, so they're certainly not weapons that one collects as antiques," he added in an interview yesterday. The shipment of... (

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15 December 2002

San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial

The 27 words of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are often reduced to shorthand by gun-rights advocates. "A right to keep and bear arms." The National Rifle Association would have you believe that even the most modest measure of gun control — whether banning "cop killer bullets" or using background checks to keep felons from arming themselves at gun shows — somehow chips away at a right that was endowed by the founding fathers in unambiguous... (

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15 December 2002

Berkshire Eagle (Massachusetts), Editorial

The recent federal appeals court ruling upholding California's ban on assault weapons represented a single ray of light in an otherwise nightmarish atmosphere of national gun lunacy. Rejecting Attorney General John Ashcroft's stated opinion that the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to arm themselves to the teeth, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this month that on gun-ownership, the Constitution refers... (

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15 December 2002

New York Times

Whenever a gun is fired, a unique set of microscopic markings are left on the bullets as they travel through the barrel. Bullet casings are similarly marked by the gun's "ejecton port." Why not use this information to help solve crimes? Entered into a national database, these ballistic "fingerprints" could be used to narrow the search for a weapon and its owner considerably. After all, it is far more common to recover bullets and casings at crime scenes than the guns... (

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