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Gun Policy News, 7 December 2002


7 December 2002

Sydney Morning Herald

About 20 per cent of all handguns in Australia will be banned in a national effort to clear concealed weapons from the streets. The ban was agreed to yesterday by federal, state and territory leaders, who also endorsed a gun buyback scheme costing up to $200 million and a six-month amnesty from next June to allow owners to hand in illegal guns. Stiff new penalties, ranging from heavy fines to jail terms, will apply in all states for those possessing banned guns once... (

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7 December 2002

Straits Times (Singapore)

BANGKOK — A police captain was shot dead by a fellow officer on a highway in a case of road rage, police said. The gunfight between Captain Samchai Rungsuwan and Colonel Wichai Sangpraphai occurred on Thursday morning, Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner Major-General Jakthip Kunchornna Ayudhaya said. Captain Samchai was killed after being shot thrice. Wichai, who surrendered and was charged with murder, told investigators that he was heading home after... (

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7 December 2002

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

Bob Lickacz isn't afraid to admit it. He has phoned and e-mailed the Canadian Firearms Centre to ask for business cards and fridge magnets and to ask all sorts of questions related to the firearms act. I have been involved in driving the costs up of the gun registry for at least five years," said Lickacz, a gun owner and professional biologist. "This has been going on for a long time." Lickacz isn't alone. Bruce Sutton, the founder of the Law abiding Unregistered... (

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7 December 2002

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio)

COLUMBUS — Don't look for Ohio's concealed-weapons ban to be lifted any time soon. A bill that would have allowed most Ohioans to carry handguns in purses, pockets and holsters appeared dead yesterday, when the Ohio House went home for the year knowing members needed to take one last vote on it. House Speaker Larry Householder, a Perry County Republican, blamed the Senate for the bill's demise — saying a compromise bill crafted by Senate Civil Justice Chairman... (

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7 December 2002

Tacoma News Tribune (Washington State)

Court documents related to a criminal investigation of Bull's Eye Shooter Supply reveal 78 missing firearms, a history of sloppy record-keeping, an owner who did not pay personal or business income taxes for up to eight years and a summer sighting of sniper suspect John Lee Malvo. The documents, released Friday, also show that three employees noticed a Bushmaster rifle, shipped to the store in July and later used in the Beltway sniper shootings, was missing — months... (

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7 December 2002

Seattle Times

John Ross, the retired head of the Seattle field division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, remembers little about the 2000 inspection of Bull's Eye Shooter Supply that discovered 160 guns were missing. That many unaccounted-for guns is an "enormous" number that "would have raised my eyebrows," Ross said yesterday. "I should have known that," he said. "That's something I should be saddled with. I would have done something different." What actions the... (

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7 December 2002

Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — An appeals court ruling that the Second Amendment does not grant Americans a personal right to own firearms contradicts Attorney General John Ashcroft and may put the Supreme Court at the center of a constitutional debate that's inspired passionate arguments for much of the nation's history. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision, written by one of the judges who declared the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional in June, seems to go against... (

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7 December 2002

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario)

The Liberal government's controversial firearms program will lose money every year it continues to operate, federal officials have conceded. David Austin, communications adviser with the Justice Department, said the firearms program, as it's structured, will never bring in enough revenue to cover its annual operating costs. "But it's our intent, once we reach more of a steady state, to have revenues cover a good chunk of the (operating) cost of the program," Austin... (

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7 December 2002

Canadian Press

The national firearms registry is more to Catherine Bergeron than a way to keep track of rifles and pistols — it's a link to a cherished sister who was slain in a gunman's rampage. "It's sort of a balm," she said Thursday as Canada prepared to mark Friday's 13th anniversary of the country's worst mass shooting. "I told myself that my sister wouldn't die in vain so one of the things I fought for was that law. "She didn't die in vain." Genevieve Bergeron was one of 14... (

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7 December 2002

San Francisco Chronicle

To Clifton Rakic, who works at the Bullseye Precision Indoor Shooting Range in San Rafael, Thursday's appellate court ruling that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual's right to bear arms was just more of the same. "As far as we're concerned, California has taken this position for a long time," he said Friday, in between helping customers. Gun control supporters also were not surprised that the same federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal's ruling... (

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