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Gun Policy News, 1 December 2002


1 December 2002

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

Most St. Louis sheriff's deputies carry .38-caliber revolvers when guarding courtrooms or moving prisoners. But not all of them have proved themselves capable of shooting the firearms accurately. Sheriff James W. Murphy's regulations mandate that every deputy must qualify on his or her firearm each year. To accomplish this, Murphy sends them to the St. Louis Police Department's firing range. A Post-Dispatch investigation found: More than a third of the deputies (64... (

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1 December 2002

Boulder Daily Camera (Colorado)

Pinpricks of sound crackle in succession. The heady smell of gunpowder hangs in the air. At the No. 8 firing point, Jim Monserud takes a deep breath, cradling his custom-made Colt CAR-A3 rifle. Gently, almost lovingly, he squeezes the trigger, rocking back ever so slightly with the force of the recoil. Focused, he doesn't even see the other competitors through his sun-colored glasses. "It's kind of a competition with yourself," says the 50-year-old marksman from... (

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1 December 2002

Associated Press

PITTSBURGH — A western Pennsylvania sportsmen's group is taking aim at a gun buyback program, saying the organizers aren't licensed gun dealers. In its latest effort to shut down Pittsburgh's 8-year-old Goods for Guns program, the Allegheny County Sportsmen's League said the buyback program runs afoul of Pennsylvania and federal law, which require licensed gun dealers to act as middlemen when guns change hands. "They can't be transferring firearms from a person to... (

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1 December 2002

Mobile Register (Alabama)

The 14-year-old had been sitting in class beside his fellow students all morning. No one knew he had a semiautomatic handgun stuffed in his waistband. Tipped off by a grandmother who noticed that the gun was missing, school officials rushed to the boy's classroom, took the weapon, removed him to the hall and police later arrested him. The student was charged with a misdemeanor of not having a weapons permit. The teenager brought a gun onto school grounds — a crime... (

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1 December 2002

Age (Melbourne)

The Federal Government will rush legislation into parliament this week setting out 10-year jail sentences and $250,000 fines for anyone carrying illegal firearms across state and territory borders. Justice Minister Chris Ellison told The Sunday Age yesterday there was growing evidence of firearms stolen in one state being used for crimes in another. "It's something that we need to target," he said. "We have evidence that there is a high degree of trafficking across... (

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États-Unis,Nations Unies

1 December 2002

Injury Prevention / British Medical Journals / BMJ, Editorial

This journal often publishes papers on gun injury, almost all of them American. Readers on other shores could be forgiven for asking if the topic concerns them, given the sharp disparities in firearm related mortality. For example in the United States, 4% of the world population possesses 50% of the planet's privately owned firearms (1,2); America's gun death rate stands head and shoulders above those of 35 similar high and upper middle income nations. (3) Of the 35, 29... (

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Nations Unies

1 December 2002

Atlantic (USA); Vol 290, Issue 5, pp. 46-47

The number of guns worldwide is difficult to gauge precisely: guns move quickly from place to place, and are often held by people who have reason to hide them. The best current estimate — from the 2002 Small Arms Survey, undertaken by the Graduate Institute of International Studies, in Geneva — indicates that about 640 million small arms, ranging from handguns to rocket launchers, exist worldwide. That amounts to one gun for every ten people on earth. Although gun... (

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