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Gun Policy News, 25 April 2002


25 April 2002

Times (Illinois)

CHICAGO — Firing a warning shot Wednesday at the gun-rights group Concealed Carry Inc., Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said the city will hold the group responsible for any deaths caused by handguns the organization wants to distribute. If you can just give guns out and someone goes out, injures or kills somebody, you better have a good lawyer because they're going to come right after you, Daley said at a news conference at the Fulton Carroll Center, 2023 W. Carroll... (

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25 April 2002

KITV (Hawaii)

A man who witnessed a deadly school shooting offered violence-prevention advice to Hawaii officials. Principal Bill Bond remembers vividly the morning of Dec. 1, 1997. What I saw across the lobby, was one of my own students holding a .22 Ruger automatic and he was shooting students right in front of him, Bond said. Three students were killed and five others were wounded at Heath High School in Paducah, Ky. The shooter was freshman Michael Carneal. At that time, I... (

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25 April 2002

Charlottetown Guardian (Canada)

William David MacDonald, 35, of Charlottetown plans to use recent federal firearms legislation to aks a provincial court judge to overturn a denial of his gun licence from an incident three years agoA man with multiple criminal convictions is making legal history on Prince Edward Island by asking a judge to allow him to possess and use firearms. William David MacDonald, 35, of Prince Street in Charlottetown appeared briefly before provincial court Judge John Douglas in... (

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25 April 2002

ABC News (USA)

Want to win a gun? If you're at least 21 years old, can pass a criminal background check, and live in Chicago, you qualify for a contest that has law enforcement officials and gun-control supporters shaking their heads. The gun-rights group Concealed Carry, Inc. of suburban Oak Brook, Ill., wants to give away a gun a month to a Chicago resident starting this month. The catch: A Chicago ordinance bans all handgun possession and punishes offenders with a trip to... (

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25 April 2002

Denver Post (Colorado)

The concealed-weapons bill will most likely survive its first test in the Senate, its sponsor predicted Thursday after the bill was assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee. It will be exciting to get a yes vote for a change, said Sen. Ken Chlouber, a member of the committee. It will be nice to present it to a roomful of cowboy boots instead of a roomful of tasseled loafers. Senate President Stan Matsunaka, after much speculation, announced the committee... (

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25 April 2002

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah), Opinion

State lawmakers who purportedly respect the wishes of voters apparently don't respect them enough when it comes to carrying concealed weapons. In 1999, a majority of voters rejected Proposition B, the statewide concealed-carry referendum. Yet 87 members of the Missouri House decided Monday to support concealed-carry legislation, including a bill sponsored by Rep. Frank Barnitz, D-Lake Spring. The legislation could be voted on as early as today. Mr. Barnitz claims this... (

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25 April 2002

Arizona Republic

It doesn't take long for safety advocates at the state Capitol to realize they're fighting an uphill battle. But after years of defeat, they're pinning their hopes on a bill that would require police to trace the origin of guns used in crimes. The proposal, HB 2589, has the support of several state police groups and will likely face a full vote of the Senate next week. If it passes there, it would go straight to a vote of the House. But supporters also realize the... (

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25 April 2002

Associated Press

Georgia Sen. Zell Miller will be the first Democrat in more than a decade to give the keynote address to the National Rifle Association's annual meeting, a constituency he says his party doesn't always understand. When Miller takes the stage this weekend as the first keynote speaker of his party since before ex-President Bill Clinton was elected, he also will be delivering a message from disaffected Southern Democrats. Miller, a popular two-term governor in Georgia... (

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25 April 2002

Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio)

COLUMBUS — Ohioans hoping for a law to allow them to carry concealed weapons will have to wait for the Ohio Supreme Court. After the bill's first hearing in a Senate Judiciary subcommittee Wednesday, Senate President Richard Finan, R-Evendale, said more hearings could be useless until justices weigh in on a Hamilton County court decision that called Ohio's gun laws unconstitutional. I want to see what the courts are going to do, Mr. Finan said. There's not much to... (

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25 April 2002


APPIANO GENTILE, Italy — Stefania, a 30-year-old mother of two, lives in a quiet hillside town an hour north of Milan, a leafy area ranked as one of the richest in Italy, if not the whole of Europe. Yet for all her surroundings of bucolic bliss, she doesn't sleep well at night. Sometimes I m scared witless, says Stefania, not wanting to give her surname. I sleep with a gun under my pillow. She's probably not the only one. Sales of handguns have risen sharply in the... (

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