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Gun Policy News, 7 April 2002


7 April 2002

Traverse Eagle (Columbia)

TRAVERSE CITY — Nine months after a state law that allows most people over the age of 21 to qualify for a concealed weapons permit, worries that gun violence would soar have not materialized and few glitches in the law have been reported. It's obvious that people aren't shooting each other over traffic disputes, there's no blood in the street, said David Bieganowski, a Traverse City lawyer and chapter president of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun... (

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7 April 2002

New York Post

Sen. Chuck Schumer will seek to plug gun-law loopholes that let a madman buy a rifle he used last month to kill a Long Island priest and an elderly parishioner. The move comes after The Post revealed the National Instant Background Check System is missing files on more than 10 million mental cases, illegal aliens, dishonorably discharged veterans and felons. The law, which Schumer may propose as early as tomorrow, would require states to report anyone committed to... (

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7 April 2002

Denver Post (Colorado), Editorial

Colorado lawmakers seem close to a reasonable compromise to give the state a fair, uniform concealed-weapon law to replace the current crazy quilt of local ordinances and practices that vary from one jurisdiction to another. The Post has long supported adopting a uniform, statewide law because in some jurisdictions, such as Denver, it has become impossible for an ordinary law-abiding citizen (even one in mortal danger) to obtain a concealed-carry permit. Meanwhile, in... (

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7 April 2002

Times of India

JAMMU — Arms and explosives enough to fight two mini-wars have been recovered in Jammu and Kashmir in the last 11 years of militancy, official sources said here on Sunday. The recoveries include nearly 38,000 weapons, 1.36 lakh explosive devices and 35 lakh rounds of ammunition, the sources said adding such huge recoveries made in Jammu and Kashmir is enough to fight two mini-wars. They said 38,104 weapons, including 23,500 AK type rifles and 9144 pistols and... (

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