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Gun Policy News, 2 April 2002


2 April 2002

New York Times

SEATTLE — Nearly six months after Mr. Wales, a federal prosecutor and prominent advocate of gun control, was shot to death at his home here, the authorities have made no arrests, identified no suspects and offered no theories, at least publicly, about who might have wanted to kill him. But they do believe that the 49-year-old Mr. Wales was deliberately killed as he worked at a computer in his basement in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood on the night of Oct. 11, and... (

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2 April 2002

San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion

State Sen. Don Perata wants to tax bullets at a rate of five cents per round and he plans to ask the Legislature to put a bullet tax on the November ballot. Bullets cause injuries that are expensive to treat, and generally speaking, the public is footing the bill, Perata told KTVU last week. He added that a bullet tax with the revenue going to California's trauma centers, since they treat gun wounds makes as much sense as the 50-cent-per-pack cigarette tax that sends... (

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2 April 2002

WYFF (South Carolina)

Residents of an Anderson County community claimed Monday a shooting range operating without a permit has been disrupting their neighborhood, and they told WYFF the problem has been going on for several years. An Anderson county attorney told News 4 the range is legally open now, only because of a loophole in the law. The shooting range is located on River Hill Court near Highway 86 in the Piedmont area. The dispute centers on whether the gun facility is a shooting... (

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2 April 2002

Christian Science Monitor

SAN FRANCISCO — Months after many members of a frightened nation rushed to gun shops seeking security in triggers and steel, mounting evidence suggests that the gun-buying spree is over. For decades, handgun sales in particular have been a barometer of public fear — rising and falling in lock step with crime rates and riots. So the drop is, on one hand, a sign of how America has acclimated to its new normal. Yet it is also part of a broader, and perhaps more... (

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2 April 2002


NANTERRE, France — President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin joined about 14,000 mourners Tuesday at a memorial service in suburban Paris for eight councilors shot dead in France's worst recent massacre. Horror at last week's attack has mingled with public anger that the gunman, a loner with a record of psychological problems, was able to get an arms license and then escaped trial by committing suicide while in police custody. These are all questions... (

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2 April 2002

New York Post

Despite a continuing decline in serious crime, the number of shootings and rapes in the Big Apple has jumped sharply this year, new police statistics show. And the increase in gun violence apparently was responsible for a steep spike in murders last week, when 17 slayings were recorded for the week ending Sunday — compared to just three killings during the same period last year. Police figures for the first three months of 2002 show the number of shootings rose to... (

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2 April 2002

Ames Tribune (Iowa)

A report released Monday by Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence says the sale of firearms through classified advertisements in newspapers poses a potential threat since buyers aren't subjected to a criminal background check. The survey of Iowa newspapers was part of a national campaign to close what is being called the newspaper loophole. The survey says 20 of 23 Iowa newspapers with a daily circulation of more than 5,000 accept classified ads for guns from... (

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