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Prévention de la violence armée, lois sur le contrôle des armes à feu et commerce des armes légères :

Gun Policy News, 23 March 2002


23 March 2002

Washington Times

Virginia's highly touted gun-deterrent program, Project Exile, may be saved from the budget knife, a spokeswoman for Gov. Mark R. Warner said this week. "Its not that big a chunk of change that we are talking about here, so we are looking into it," said Ellen Qualls, Mr. Warner's press secretary. The program calls for strict, mandatory sentences for felons caught carrying a weapon. The program costs $1.25 million, which comes from the state budget, and 10... (

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23 March 2002

Associated Press

PHOENIX, Arizona — Hundreds of guns sold in Arizona are finding their way into the hands of criminals each year In some instances, gun stores sell weapons without completing necessary background checks or sell to people they know aren't allowed to possess guns, said Roy Jacobsen, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association. In other cases, an employee buys weapons from the store then resells them to people who can't buy them legally, he said. Rep. Deb... (

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