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Gun Policy News, 28 February 2002


28 February 2002


The gun lobby argues that guns don't kill people; people do. Yet a study by scholars at the Harvard School of Public Health, published in February's Journal of Trauma,finds that, when it comes to killing children, guns do help. Firearms kill more children in the United States than any other cause except motor-vehicle crashes and cancer. Over the period studied, 1988-97, nearly 7,000 children aged between five and 14 were killed with firearms. Before an American child... (

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28 February 2002

USA Today

A group that represents families of victims killed Sept. 11 called Wednesday for a congressional investigation into a Federal Aviation Administration emo that says a terrorist used a gun aboard a jet that crashed into the World Trade Center. Officials with the FAA, FBI and American Airlines flatly insist that the information in the memo, prepared the evening of the attacks, later proved erroneous. "A gun has never come into play in any shape or form" related to the... (

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28 February 2002

Washington Post

RICHMOND, Virginia — The Virginia House of Delegates today overwhelmingly passed a bill that would invalidate Alexandria's ban on firearms in city buildings and bar other localities from adopting similar policies. The legislation is a broad measure to bar local governments from adopting laws or rules regulating gun use that have not been expressly authorized by state law. But its intent, supporters and opponents agree, is to overturn Alexandria's seven-year-old... (

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28 February 2002

Washington Times, Opinion

Six District of Columbia residents want to be able to defend themselves in their own homes. To vindicate their rights, on Feb. 10 three local attorneys and I filed a civil lawsuit in a D.C. federal court. The litigation, Parker vs. District of Columbia, will not be about machine guns and assault weapons. It will be about the right to own ordinary, garden-variety handguns. Nor will the plaintiffs argue for the right to carry a gun outside the home. That's another... (

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28 February 2002

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta told Parliament yesterday that gun smuggling was a very big problem in the country. "It's a very big problem," he said when acknowledging concerns raised by Gulf Governor Riddler Kimave. Mr Kimave asked during Question Time if the Government, through the police force and the National Intelligence Organisation, knew of the gun smuggling problem which was posing a threat to the country's security and its citizens. Sir Mekere said the... (

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