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Gun Policy News, 26 February 2002


26 February 2002

Los Angeles Times

SOUTHEAST GLENDALE — Glendale Police arrested a man on suspicion of shooting a shogun through his kitchen floor, coming within inches of hitting a man in the apartment below him. The 56-year-old Glendale man told police the gun accidentally discharged while he was cleaning it, police said. He said he smoked cocaine shortly before he began cleaning the shotgun, and police found a crack pipe near the gun, police said. The shotgun blast went through the floor and... (

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26 February 2002

Capital Times (Wisconsin), Opinion

As an avid hunter and conservationist, I have watched with growing alarm the way the gun lobby and its political allies have insinuated their way into Wisconsin's outdoor sports. We now see that the Wisconsin Conservation Congress has agreed to become a forum at its April meetings for Sen. Dave Zien's concealed weapon bill (Personal Protection Act, Senate Bill 357). Once again Zien is trying to force this pet legislation of the National Rifle Association down the... (

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26 February 2002

PM News (Lagos)

LAGOS — The police in Lagos State are worried about the regularity with which armed bandits snatch arms and ammunition from policemen in the state after killing them. Crime statistics sourced yesterday indicate that between January and February 2002, over 30 guns and 300 rounds of ammunition have been lost to armed bandits. The whereabouts of the guns and their snatchers remain a mystery. Police sources, however, think that apart from robbers, the regular loss could... (

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26 February 2002

Regina Leader-Post (Canada)

SASKATOON — Members of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation rejected a resolution calling for 'peaceful disobedience' of the federal government's gun-control law, Bill C-68, Saturday. "Out of desperation, we had a resolution asking the wildlife federation to orchestrate civil disobedience," said Lorne Scott, executive director of the SWF. "The wildlife federation has not and will not encourage people to break the law, so that resolution was lost." This comes after... (

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26 February 2002

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

SUNRISE, Florida — A Broward County proposal to build a new anti-terrorism training facility in Markham Park has local gun clubs concerned about encroachment into areas currently open to the public. "At this point, it could affect all of us or none of us," said Russell Simpson, who represents five gun clubs that use the range. "That's what we want to find out." County officials say the building, which is under review by the city of Sunrise, will not affect park... (

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Nations Unies

26 February 2002

Washington Post

U.S. and European law enforcement officials say they have scored an important advance in their efforts to disrupt what some officials describe as the biggest weapons-trafficking network in the world, responsible for supplying the Taliban and terrorist groups from al Qaeda in Afghanistan to the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines, as well as rebel forces in Africa. For the past three years, U.S. intelligence agencies have covertly been trying to thwart the sprawling arms... (

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26 February 2002

Associated Press

HELENA, Montana — Montana Democratic Party Chairman Bob Ream grew up in a home with a grandmother who shot skeet with Annie Oakley. As far back as he can recall, hunting was a family tradition, and just about everyone knew how to shoot. So it makes sense that Ream is among party loyalists leading efforts to shake off the national party's anti-gun image. At trade shows, in brochures and even in door-to-door visits by candidates in the 2002 election, the Montana... (

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26 February 2002

Daily Southtown (Chicago)

Departments stores in Bolingbrook will have to keep firearm ammunition under lock and key under a proposed amendment to a village ordinance. Prompted by concerns from residents about the open shelf display of ammunition at the Bolingbrook Wal-Mart store, village officials are to vote tonight on an amendment that strengthens village rules governing the sale and storage of firearms and ammunition. The amendment would require stores to keep all firearms and ammunition in... (

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26 February 2002

Detroit News

NOVI — The city of Novi would like to ban concealed weapons from its public buildings, but a 12-year-old state law may prevent it from doing so. Last month, the City Council introduced a proposed ordinance that would ban guns from its city hall, library and other public buildings — following the lead of Ferndale, which approved a similar ordinance in November. Law enforcement officers would still be able to carry weapons in city buildings. Detroit has banned... (

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