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Gun Policy News, 15 February 2002


15 February 2002

Associated Press

BOZEMAN — Montana Democrats are trying to shake the party's anti-gun image, and some say they're victims of their national party. They're opening booths at local outdoors shows. They've made the right to bear arms a part of their party platform. And they've endorsed Montanans' right to hunt, fish and recreate on public lands. "The idea that Democrats are these wild-eyed greenies running around with ponytails and earrings, I kind of resent that, especially in... (

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15 February 2002

Chicago Sun-Times

SPRINGFIELD — State Supreme Court justices, who began using guards and taxpayer-funded cars last fall, are now asking for the guards to carry guns and make arrests. Legislation to give the guards full police powers has been introduced in the Illinois House. Court spokesman Joe Tybor refused Thursday to comment on the legislation or explain why the guards should have more authority. He did say the court's plan to improve security was in the works before Sept. 11 but... (

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15 February 2002

Denver Post (Colorado)

Sheriffs in Colorado would be required to issue concealed-carry handgun permits to people over 21 who pass a background check under a controversial measure approved by a House committee Thursday. House Bill 1242 was approved on a 5-4 party-line vote by the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee less than 24 hours after a similar bill was killed by a Senate panel. The four Democrats on the committee voted against it. In contrast to Wednesday's bill, only four... (

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15 February 2002

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

City police and RCMP raided a west-end gun shop Thursday and seized hundreds of weapons as they looked for improperly documented prohibited and restricted firearms. Officers closed the doors of Lock and Load, 15889 116th Ave., Thursday morning and began cataloguing everything in the shop, said police spokeswoman Annette Bidniak. All the weapons were seized, along with computers and files, she said. "The search warrant was obtained based on information from the... (

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15 February 2002

News Press (Florida)

A Fort Myers Police Department employee was arrested Thursday after investigators say he took firearms from the evidence room he supervised and sold them at gun shows around the state. A report shows James Woodby took at least 11 guns from the evidence room. That number could be just the tip of the iceberg as police comb through evidence room records, said Steve Emerson, a supervisor with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Fort Myers office. "We don't know... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

15 February 2002

New Zealand Herald

Crew of the Seamaster were last night livid at a freelance journalist's account of what happened the night Sir Peter Blake was shot dead. A crew member and spokesman, Geoff Bullock, told the Herald that much of what was said by Mark Scott on TV3's 60 Minuteswas disputed. Scott, who had joined the Amazon expedition towards its end, had put a "very personal slant" on events. Scott told interviewer Melanie Reid that the crew had not "held their hands up" to share some... (

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15 February 2002

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

A federal marshal wheeled a shopping cart full of shotguns and assault rifles into court yesterday. It was an unusual display of evidence, but Donald Jackman is an unusual federal defendant. He was indicted in 2000 after agents seized loaded assault weapons, homemade bombs, military-grade body armor, manuals on making booby traps and bomb-making materials from his house on Caldwell Drive in Butler. FBI agents monitoring him said he even shined a red laser-beam... (

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15 February 2002

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)

For the fashion conscious gun enthusiast, camouflage is definitely in this year. At a recent gun show held at a suburban mall, there was enough jungle fatigue on display to give combat flashbacks to guys who've never even served in the military. I know, because I was there with someone suffering from one. My friend, Bill, was sighing like a bobby soxer who'd just met Frank Sinatra over an M60 machine gun that an automatic weapons dealer had put up for sale. "Man," he... (

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15 February 2002

Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

A Denver lawyer who unsuccessfully challenged the city's gun-control laws two years ago lost again Thursday when the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled the gun laws constitutional. But one of the three appellate judges dissented, arguing that the city's laws violate the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Donald Trinen sued Denver in February 2000, challenging the city's ordinances prohibiting the open or concealed carrying of firearms on one's person or in a... (

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15 February 2002

Roanoke Times (Virginia)

IN 1997, my 16-year-old son was shot and killed by a man who was robbing the restaurant where William was on his second day of work. As I examined the details of the crime, I realized that this man could not have done this alone. He had an accomplice, one who enabled and abetted such a bold robbery, made it possible for him to terrorize and kill with surprising ease, and gave him the confident hope of success through unopposable threat of force. This man's accomplice... (

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