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Gun Policy News, 8 February 2002


8 February 2002

Chicago Tribune

Two low-tech tools — a steel bar used to reinforce cockpit doors and an ax wielded by a pilot — were crucial to preventing a passenger aboard a United Airlines flight bound for Argentina on Thursday from endangering the plane carrying 157 passengers and crew members. But the incident in which the 28-year-old man made his way unchallenged from his seat in the back of the Boeing 777 to the front of the aircraft and then kicked out a panel of the cockpit door, raised... (

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8 February 2002

Daily Breeze (Los Angeles)

A gunman shot two Gardena High School students in an apparent robbery attempt Wednesday, forcing the campus into lockdown, panicking parents and leaving them to wonder where their children can be safe. Three young men — two of whom are students — were sought in the shooting that wounded a 19-year-old male student in the back and 16-year-old Stephanie Alonzo in the thigh. Alonzo, a junior varsity soccer player who loves school, underwent surgery and was reported in... (

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8 February 2002

Daily Star (India), Opinion

Two gun shots in two Thimphu bars in December are still reverberating. They seem to have aroused more than a little concern about the safety of our towns, the legality of owning firearms, and the overall image of Bhutanese society. It is not the first time that we have heard of gun-toting Bhutanese men showing off their hardware in public. And it is not the first time that it has worried Thimphu residents. Not to say that the Thimphu bars are crowded with armed men or... (

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8 February 2002

Philadelphia Inquirer

A directive banning off-duty officers from carrying guns into Philadelphia public schools, implemented yesterday after a boy was grazed by an officer's bullet Wednesday, was rescinded hours later. Acting Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson said he rescinded it because the order, issued by Police Inspector Jose M. Melendez, was sent without his approval. "It's not a bad idea, but he does not set policy. Policy can only be set by the police commissioner," said... (

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8 February 2002

Seattle Times

OLYMPIA — Supporters of a bill to require background checks of all buyers at gun shows had hoped to capitalize on Democratic control of the Legislature this session. However, lawmakers said yesterday that the fate of the legislation is uncertain — partly because of opposition from rural Democrats. At a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting yesterday, gun-control advocates argued the proposed law would help block criminals' access to weapons. But gun-rights groups... (

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