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Gun Policy News, 1 February 2002


1 February 2002

Detroit Free Press

As a second Oakland County city prepares to restrict concealed weapons in certain buildings, a state gun advocacy group claims the ordinances violate civil rights. City officials in Ferndale and Novi argue safety concerns outweigh state law, which allows residents to carry concealed weapons on the street with a permit. "I'm a big champion of the Second Amendment," Novi Mayor Richard Clark said Wednesday, but "every right also comes with some responsibility and... (

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1 February 2002

Vanguard (Lagos), Editorial

There is no doubt that sale of arms to rebels in the continent has stunted Africa's growth and development. This trend has buoyed rebels confidence in fomenting serious uprisings leading to mass destruction of lives and property of Africans. From Rwanda, Angola, Liberia to Sierra Leone, the stories of rebels barbaric exploits are better imagined. They are not fiction but reality. In some particular instances, they succeeded in upstaging the incumbents. In realisation... (

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1 February 2002

Washington Times

Gun-rights advocates, having won concealed-carry firearms laws in more than a dozen states in the 1990s, are now working to try to get states to recognize firearms permits issued in other states. As state legislatures convene for the 2002 session, reciprocity tops the wish list of gun-rights advocates throughout the nation who want their states to recognize other states' permits the way states recognize driver's licenses. Bills to recognize all other states' permits... (

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1 February 2002

Chronicle of Higher Education (USA)

Rarely has a new issue of The William and Mary Quarterly been as intensely anticipated as the journal's January issue, due out in February. It will feature a long-awaited forum debating Michael A. Bellesiles's Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture, a book that has already been at the center of one of the most heated academic controversies in recent years. The stakes are high. Mr. Bellesiles's scholarly reputation is on the line. So too is the... (

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