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Gun Policy News, 30 January 2002


30 January 2002

Portland Press Herald (Maine)

A battle plan in the fight against domestic violence received near universal support at a public hearing Tuesday, but few expect it to become law without major revisions. As drafted by the Commission to Study Domestic Violence, the bill calls for a dozen new state employees and is considered by some lawmakers to be too expensive in a year when the state is cutting programs. It also contains a controversial provision that would allow judges to seize handguns from... (

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30 January 2002

Camden Chronicle (Tennessee)

A Camden woman is recovering from a gunshot wound after being accidentally shot in the lower stomach by her husband last week, according to Chief Deputy Tim Vitt. Barbara Taylor of 23 Coles was airlifted to Jackson/Madison County General Hospital on Tuesday, Jan. 22 after being transported to the Emergency Room of the Camden Hospital with a gunshot wound. Edward Taylor told authorities that he had returned from target practice and was unloading his gun when his thumb... (

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30 January 2002

WKRN (Tennessee)

A Metro student brought a gun to school, but a cash reward prompted a fellow student to turn him in. Cold, hard cash: it's working to help keep weapons off school grounds. Tuesday night, one student was arrested, and a fellow student was rewarded. Officer Donald Black patrols the halls of White's Creek High on a mission to keep the school safe. He catches a lot, but the officer admitted he couldn't do it without help from the students. I m only one person, and we... (

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30 January 2002

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Utah doesn't charge a fee to vote, speak or worship, so the state shouldn't charge a fee to buy a firearm, say advocates for a bill eliminating background check fees that won preliminary approval Tuesday. House Bill 183 would do away with the $7.50 charge assessed at the point of all licensed gun sales in Utah. The fee covers the cost of reviewing state domestic violence records, a list of outstanding warrants and protective orders and some felony convictions not... (

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30 January 2002

Fulton County Daily Report, ( San Francisco)

The Saturday night special handgun long has been blamed for contributing to street violence simply because it's cheap. Now it's being blamed for a death because of cheap workmanship. California gun maker Bryco Arms has spent the past three years fending off a suit by the city of Atlanta that accuses 16 manufacturers and trade groups of selling guns with dangerously negligent designs and inadequate warnings. In a new suit filed in Georgia's Fulton State Court, Bryco... (

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30 January 2002

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Parliament's successful first vote on Bougainville bills must be matched with progress in firearms disposal especially of modern, factory-made weapons before the second vote. Bougainville Affairs Minister Sir Moi Avei told Bougainvillean leaders this on Friday while describing Wednesday's unanimous votes of 85 and 86 MPs on the proposed bills as the strongest possible vote of confidence in the peace process. The need to rid Bougainville of the threat of the gun so... (

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30 January 2002

Independent (UK)

After 23 years of procrastination and hair-splitting, the French government has finally agreed to implement a European law which protects wild birds from hunters for much of the year. But French hunters groups yesterday threatened to ignore the government's decree and continue shooting wild geese, ducks and other waterfowl when the season closes on Friday, a month earlier than usual. With presidential elections approaching, it seems certain the controversy will be... (

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30 January 2002

BBC News

An advertisement with similarities to the case of farmer Tony Martin, who is serving a prison sentence after shooting two burglars, has been criticised by the industry watchdog. The advert, for a security system, appeared in Countryside magazine, showing a farmer holding a shotgun. The drawing has the farmer smiling and giving a thumbs-up sign with the shotgun still smoking and cartridges in mid-ejection. A member of the public who complained said it was... (

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