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Gun Policy News, 19 January 2002


19 January 2002

Baltimore Sun, Opinion

Will the murder last Tuesday night of Tifford Fields shock law enforcement into a renewed response to the plague of shooters on Baltimore streets? Will U.S. Attorney Thomas M. DiBiagio become a full partner in the effort to prevent wanton, mindless killings? We pray he will not persist in his determination to operate as if the criminal justice system in Maryland, as now constituted, can protect family men like Mr. Fields. The system doesn't work. But so far Mr.... (

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19 January 2002

San Diego Union-Tribune (California), Opinion

WASHINGTON — Amid the raft of antiterrorism bills passed by Congress since Sept. 11, some lawmakers have spotted what they consider a glaring omission: tougher gun control laws. Those lawmakers and gun control groups cite instances of terrorists obtaining weapons in the United States at gun shows, where they can legally avoid background checks. The lawmakers have gained little traction. Neither Congress nor the White House has embraced domestic gun control as part... (

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19 January 2002

Miami Herald

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — There was more than the usual chaos on the crowded, exhaust-choked roads of Kandahar on Friday as gunmen for the city's three warlords started their first major check for illegal weapons. The operation was aimed at reassuring a dubious population that the U.S.-backed warlords are serious about security. Crime has been soaring, and the city teeters on the edge of anarchy. Result Unclear Gunmen manning the checkpoints stopped trucks,... (

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19 January 2002

Boston Globe

Boston's $100 million lawsuit against the gun industry this week became the first such case in the nation to emerge from the document discovery phase, setting the stage this fall for an unprecedented public examination of the US commercial firearms market. On Tuesday, city lawyers finished collecting thousands of internal industry documents, as well as sworn statements from gun company executives, broadly describing the manufacture, marketing, and national distribution... (

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